The Club is a private one, founded in 1877, of approximately sixty-four members and six Town Rod subscribers. The Club's waters consist of about 7 miles of wild brown trout & grayling fishing in the main River Frome, River Cerne and River Piddle, together with attendant carriers and side streams. The waters extend both above and below the town of Dorchester and the Club employs a part-time keeper.

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The Mayfly are hatching and the fish are rising, even today the river was brown after yesterdays rain, but fish were still able to spot hatching mayfly and were feeding well..!

A fishing report from Hoot:-

After setting off yesterday (Friday 20th) for just my second trip to the Frome this season and facing quite a chilly, breezy day I didn’t hold out much hope, especially as the water is still carrying quite a bit of colour due to an algal bloom. I was pleasantly surprised however when arriving at the river to see a steady hatch of mayfly coming off with the odd fish rising here and there. After a few missed takes and a catch up with John A and Robin, I managed to land a couple of reasonable fish and continued up-river encountering rising fish around every bend with a good mix of stockies and wild fish coming to the net.

Mayfly continued hatching into the evening and apart from my favourite Mohican pattern, White Wulff and French Partridge flies were also successful except for one fish that refused everything besides an emerger. Into late evening and fish were still rising despite a complete lack of spent gnat on the water. I soon realised that a hatch of sedge had started so managed to finish off the evening with a couple more fish on deer hair and CDC sedge patterns. All in all a very enjoyable day with well over a dozen fish landed (and several lost including a 2-3 pounder which threw the hook) with the best fish just over 2 lbs; even the rain managed to hold off until I arrived back at the car! The weather is pretty atrocious today (Saturday) but hopefully the days will improve along with the clarity of the water and I’m looking forward to some more mayfly fishing over the next couple of weeks.

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The Honorary Secretary also had a red letter during the rain yesterday and landing this wonderful 16″ trout..


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Not Quite 1st April…!

Your Honorary Secretary Richard Miller, Riverkeeper John Aplin and myself (+ John Thorpe) have just returned from an epic fishing holiday in New Zealand. We did fish on the 1st April on the River Makarora where the Wilkin River flows in, it was cold and wet. But not as wet as in Dorset and we hear that the Frome was over the banks for the first part of April. We all caught fish, strong rainbows in an amazing river & landscape. (hear more about our trip at the Dorset Chalkstream Club this autumn)


After hearing that there were grannom hatching, I ventured out today for my first visit to fish the Club’s water since my return. The weather wasn’t perfect, strong & cold downstream wind, plus sleet showers! Even so there was a small hatch of grannom and a few small trout rose to them. But the hatch was over so quickly I failed to make the most of it and when another sleet shower came over, it was time to head home!


There are signs that the Frome is warming up and spring is starting to appear, hopefully it won’t be long before some decent trout show themselves!!


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Last Gasp Trip

We did manage a last gasp trip for grayling at the end of February.  There was a chill east wind but the river was not too high and relatively clear.

We wanted to try a new spot after the opening of the upper water so tested a few likely pools at Whitfield Hatches.  It was all very quiet until suddenly when I thought I’d hooked a branch in the current it wasn’t a branch at all but a decent grayling, heading downstream very rapidly.  It was in fine form, jumping 4 times before I could finally get it to the net.  At 45cm it was a good 2lbs, so an excellent fish to close the old season.  The fly was a small pheasant tail, very often the killer pattern when the water is clear.   Now it’s time to get back to the fly tying bench for some early season patterns for use in a couple of months’ time; I expect the small ptn to be just as effective then.




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Work Party – CANCELLED

Work Party planned for Saturday 16th January is cancelled… Sorry to say the meadows are too flooded to cross – date to rescheduled…

River Frome

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Grayling Day

We arrived as the rain stopped, but the river was already very full and described by everyone as “challenging”!!

England International and professional fishing guide Lewis Hendrie was on hand to talk about his rods, reels, lines, tippets, flies and techniques to catch our River Frome grayling. He showed us how to fish the nymphs and a few other tips to use when the going gets tough! HUGE thanks to Lewis for turning out on such a grim day and for guiding us through the fine art of catching grayling – expect to hear more about Lewis’s flies, tackle etc. over the next few weeks.

Lewis Hendrie

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Rob’s Surprise

Committee Member Robin Ayles had a surprise when he borrowed River Keeper John Aplin’s pike fly gear for a couple of casts, a monster 15b pike took the fly! After an epic battle it was successfully landed and I don’t blame Robin for not holding the toothy critter!!!

Pike, River Frome - fly caught

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Day Tickets 2016

The club has available 45 day tickets each season for non-members to enjoy the Club’s waters – £50 per day or 3 days for £100. The day tickets are only available during the trout season (1st April to 14th October) on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Bank Holidays. (Between 16th May & 15th June the waters are reserved exclusively for members and their guests)

For availability click here……………..>


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Grayling Catch Returns

There is a new grayling catch return form that you should complete at the end of the grayling season, please also include your guests catches.

Members & Guests Grayling Season Catch Returns: Click Here

3lb 8oz, 7 Dec 15

3lb 8oz, 7 Dec 15

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Winter Update

The work continues to improve access and removal of this years tree growth. Plus the River Keeper John Aplin landed a superb 12b pike, which he caught on the fly from the Club’s water.

Here is the old stile, which was getting increasingly difficult to climb over.
The Old Stile

A mornings work later and we now have a new stile (just to the right of the old one).
2015-12-08 11.18.14

Plus a new stile to access the water above Loud’s Mill…
2015-12-08 12.37.29

Early the next day our own Paul Mildren and visiting grayling expert George Ashton are first to use the new stile..

John’s fly caught pike…

Today three of us tidied the River Piddle fishery.. A work party will be arranged in the New Year to repair a bridge and build more stiles!

A short time lapse of clearing one of the many pools on the River Piddle.

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Beginner’s Luck?

Despite becoming a member back in 2014, it was not until last week that I was first able to fish any of the club waters for the first time. Living nearly 250 miles away in Cheshire does not really help but, as an introduction to the fantastic fishing the club has to offer, I could not have wished for a better couple of days long trotting on the Lower Water last Thursday and Friday.

The conditions weren’t helpful when I arrived rather later than I expected, being wet on Thursday (and wet and windy on Friday) but I met two members on my way upstream and chatting to them about the fishing and learning that the grayling seemed to be in a receptive frame of mind soon dispelled any misgivings I may have had. I had walked the bank, spotting fish, in mid-October and despite the river now carrying more water, this served me well especially as I only had two hours fishing before it got dark !

After losing a big grayling, I soon had two fish each over two pounds. I then moved and had two more fish again over two pounds with the bigger of the two weighing 2lb 10oz (equalling my previous biggest ever fish). The following day, the wind made fishing quite difficult, and although I started at 8:30am, by 2:15pm I hadn’t contacted a single grayling. Then just as happened the day before, I lost a big fish but soon after landed another over 2lb. I moved and had a nice fish of 2lb 8oz. John Aplin told me he would try to come down to meet me for a chat and just before he arrived I hooked and lost a truly huge brown trout at the net. I would estimate it was nearer 4lb than 3lb. I couldn’t easily net it due to its size and it levered off the net frame and shot off directly across the river breaking my line near the hook.

After taking a grayling of around a pound (which rather broke my run !) it was too dark to carry on and I had a long, tiring but very happy drive back up to Cheshire. It occurred to me on the journey home that over two days I caught six consecutive grayling over 2lbs…unprecedented fishing for me and unlikely to be bettered without a considerable slice of good fortune.

Needless to say I can’t wait to come back down again…and hopefully before Christmas !


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