20″ – Fantastic

An opportunity presented itsself to me which meant I could snatch a quick trip down south to try for a grayling or two.

John Grindle kindly put me up for the night and I made start at around 10am.  River looked fine and with a good flow but did not manage any fish until further up when a number of fish took a fancy to my small lightly weighted bug. Fish as might be expected were very localised but obliging when found.

After a snatched lunch I tried another stretch although by now a nasty rain had developed with low cloud.  Tried several spots unsuccessfully but luck was on my side when I contacted a really beautiful specimen  – what a fight on a #4. Took best part of five minutes to subdue this fish which measured out at 20″ – fantastic end to my first day fishing in 2011. Quite a number of redds in evidence throughout the lower water which bodes well.

Glyn Williams