Your Club Needs You :-

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Dear members – A whole week of work parties.

We have decided to have a full, hands on week cutting back the willow that has gone rather mad over the last few years, encroaching on some of our great fishing and hopefully by letting in some more light we can encourage the Ranunculus to return.

The club will be employing my work mate Kevin Ackerman, who many of you know, for a few days to help out. We will also have Colin Hawkins and his slew for a day to help with two rather large fallen trees on the upper water, we also have the kind permission from Colin and John Hoskins to allow us to burn up all the cut willow along the river at various locations close to where we are cutting.

The big ask… Could we have as many hands as possible to help with stacking and keeping those fires going, talking fishing and eating ginger cake.

Willow week – Monday the 5th November to Friday the 9th November, existing work party dates on the club website will remain the same.

Action plan

Monday 5th – 9am meet at Gasgoyne bridge.
Tuesday 6th – 9am meet at Gasgoyne bridge.
Wednesday 7th – 9am meet at Whitfield hatches.
Thursday 8th – 9am meet at Poundbury lay by.
Friday 9th – 9am meet at the Lower water.
Seriously looking forward to the week.

John Aplin
River Keeper

PS> If you are unable to physically help, please still come along and give moral support to everyone.

Storm Callum

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The forecast for today was a little harsh to say the least, gales touching “nine” with heavy rain….

We decided to go ahead with our planned work party on the Lower Water, die hard workers Robin and Bryan (massive thank you) keen to lend a hand, resulting in a great deal of tree trimming….

A little easier for casting in some Grayling hotspots for this coming winter.

Keep your eyes on the website for up and coming work parties.. Your Club Needs You…

Best wishes
John Aplin

A Late Trout Saves a Blank

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I spotted a dimple under a bank. Probably another leaf, or something falling from the overhanging branches or nettles. The afternoon had not been productive, and although I had seen plenty of fish, they had been unapproachable with the river so low and clear here. Then it happened again. Definitely a fish, and it was busy taking something. By kneeling in the margin I thought I might just about cover it with a flick. Up went my nymph and a beautiful little wild trout snatched it immediately and went crazy, leaping into the air several times before eventually slipping into the waiting net. Sometimes one is enough.

Will Bown

Storm Bronagh

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Yesterdays work party was spent clearing up a fallen willow after Storm Bronagh and there is still plenty of bank clearing left to do in the next planned day – Friday 12th October – see you there

Good work Rob, many thanks – John Aplin

Golden Day Ticket

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Still plenty of fishing to be had before the season ends, like these two day ticket holders found out…

Hi John

Had another great day, lots of fish between us most on nymphs and a few on dries, including the big brown Cam had.

Thanks again,
Steve and Cam

Strange Mayfly Season

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I agree with comments made by others , it has been a strange mayfly season this year , requiring more effort and covering more water to find a hatch and more importantly rising fish . I found this lovely wild one in an out of the way lie , and made the usual hash of playing and landing it without a net which was safely in the boot of my car . I slipped it back and in my excitement did not measure it , so have no real clue what it might have weighed .. though that seemed and still does rather immaterial , it was a beautiful though !


A Brace of Big Fish

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To catch one big fish in the Frome may be considered fortunate, but to catch a brace the same size on the same day borders on the miraculous.

The first was in the morning on a carrier, in a difficult place (aren’t they always ?), but I saw it in a shaft of sunlight, nicely balanced just under the surface very quietly sipping flies as they slid past. I could hardly believe my eyes. One of the famously big ones that I had heard about but never quite believed. I like to fish that river fine and far off, particularly in a breeze which makes everything just a bit harder and more fun. The fish are always very wild, so it is first cast or nothing.

It took a small parachute Adams, and then just swam quite slowly and steadily round and round it’s own pool, as if it didn’t really believe it had been hooked, with me, heart in mouth, applying as much pressure as I thought a 7X cast could stand. This went on for quite some time and my wrist was getting more tired than the fish. Eventually I netted it and measured it carefully at 21 inches before putting it back, when it swam away apparently unconcerned. By far the biggest fish I have caught this year.

The second was in the late evening on the same day. It was feeding spectacularly all around the tail of the pool, smashing at spent mayfly in an apparent frenzy and sending swirling ripples from bank to bank. The difficult bit was to judge which way it was travelling in between bites. If I could put the fly anywhere near it would certainly take.

It took a big detached body Mayfly and gave a wonderful aerial display all around the weir pool, worthy of a Marlin, with me just hanging on and wondering how I was going to land it, given that I was casting from the wrong side of the fence. Eventually it calmed down and I could climb the fence one-handed to get into the water. It measured 22 inches and was definitely exhausted after all the leaping and whizzing around the pool. I propped it upright between some weed and my net, and it took five minutes to recover and swim slowly away, shaking its head.

No photo. I had forgotten to take the iphone.

Tight lines to all.
Colin Anderson

Mayfly Shenanigans

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Had some fun last night with a rather large trout. The fighting and landing spot could have been a tad easier; it behaved well initially and shot straight up into the pool, then behaved very badly and shot back down and under the barbed wire fence. Had to drop the rod and walk (run!) round to the stile, picked up the rod and lo and behold still on, and sitting nicely in the ford. A little more shenanigans under the lower fence but forced back up and into the net!

The net is 20 inches which it fills rather nicely so I reckon about three and a half pounds. The spot pattern looks suspiciously stockie like but it has a few red spots and decent tail (although well rubbed on the underside). I think if it is a stockie it’s been holed up there for quite a while. What do you think?

A very odd mayfly season (if we are coming to the end of it..?) with sporadic hatches and not as many trout in the usual places. The bigger ones I’ve had have pretty much all been in hidey hole places and in shallower water – I had a pound and a half fish from right under the metal bridge just before catching this big one. Very few flies on the wing yesterday evening until about 8.30pm and then they all appeared in a rush and had quite a few fish up and at them. Several members complaining about lack of fly and fish – talking to Charles Rangely – W yesterday, he says they’ve had comparatively poor sport at Frampton – but I think it’s been one of those years when the fly has come off at odd times (the evening falls have been great on some evenings, so they must have hatched at some point the previous day..) and having to look into all the little backwaters / bushes.

All best
Richard (Hon.Sec)

Slow Start

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What a slow start to the season we have had with high flows in April and very little activity generally. Thankfully things seem to be waking up a little now with the mayfly making an appearance and river temperatures really rocketing in all this warm, sunny weather we have been enjoying. After arriving at the river recently there was very little in the way of hatching duns but I stuck with a French partridge mayfly pattern and after a couple of pound-plus trout, was rewarded with this lovely 20” fish; I did quickly weigh him in the net and he came out at 3lb 7oz.

Later in the day the fields were swarming with spinners and I was hopeful for a busy evening but despite plenty of fly on the surface and several rising trout, the fish were refusing to take mayfly patterns. It became obvious after a while that another hatch was in progress; the fish were locked on to this other hatch and on the whole ignoring the feast of mayfly. After a lot of head scratching and working through my fly box I couldn’t work out exactly what the hatch was but despite this I did manage to land a couple more fish.

Very much looking forward to the rest of the season.

Kind regards,

Fishy Art

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Just wondering if the members would be interested in knowing that in among the landscape paintings I will have a couple of fishy linocut prints available to buy during Dorset Art Weeks which runs from 26th May – 10th June. They are original, signed, monochrome linocut prints, in an edition of 100, and cost £80 unframed and £120 framed.

Obviously I would love to meet any DFC members who would care to visit me and my pictures during DAW… ?

All best

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