Work Party Cancelled

The Riverkeeper has cancelled the River Piddle work party due to the un-safe water levels and predicted poor weather forecast……. We will set another date once this wet spell is over.

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More Flooding

After yesterdays downpour the River Frome is up and coloured. Today I joined the River Keeper (John Aplin) on his rounds.

It is amazing to see so much water about, but with the aquifers already full there is only one place the rain can go – downstream!!!

Lower Bockhampton

Looking Towards Grey’s Bridge

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High Water

John Aplin and I attempted to fish the Upper Water yesterday evening. When we viewed the river from the bridge it looked very fishable and extremely clear water.

But the flow of the water is very deceptive and we struggled to wade deeper than our knees the water was so fierce, it reminded me of the Eastern European streams I have fished. There was very little fly about and the fish we saw were all hugging the bottom, although John managed to catch two small fish on a large sedge pattern…

If any Members are going out this weekend (we think it needs at least another week before it will be truly fishable), please be very careful because the water is still very deep with a lot of damage to the banks and a few big trees down (working party being organised)

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Easter Sunday

It’s Easter Sunday, its cold and the river is bank high & coloured – no fishing for a while 🙁


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Cold winds and rising fish

I went out fairly early yesterday morning with a couple of our regular day ticket anglers, we met on the lower water at eight in a biting south westerly wind that was building as the morning went on, despite this there was a flutter of Grannom and with it a few rising fish.

So put on your thermals and go for a stroll, the upper water is the most sheltered in this SW breeze, along with the Grannom there are a few Hawthornes, failing the trout fishing there are a few Mackerel showing along Chesil beach…..

Seconds after I took this picture I cast Steves fly into the trees…..

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River full, but…

The river is very full as expected, but it is now clear and very fish’able.

February Floods
From Dorchester Fishing Club 2009
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The recent floods have kicked up a lot of fresh gravels and the river is clearing nicely for a spot of grayling fishing next week.

From Dorchester Fishing Club 2008
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That is the colour of the Frome after last nights rain………..

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What a Difference a Day makes

The River is fine, it does still have a little colour but plenty fishable. I also recieved a report of hatching grannom and rising fish from Riverkeeper John..

See you all tomorrow along the riverside – somewhere!

31st March 16:38
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British Summertime Begins

The sun is out and the wild flowers are starting to bloom

Unfortunately the rain also fell yesterday, the river is now up and coloured and the chances to fish on the 1st April are low. I will post an update tomorrow evening for any brave soul that intends to turn out on the opening day.

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