Big Fish Week

As mayfly season slowly drifts away, I have witnessed two big fish this week and I was lucky enough to catch the first. Lucky that at the end of a long days fishing, I persuaded my tired body to walk back down the river to cover a fish I saw rise to a mayfly dun.

What a fish it was too – a beautiful young fish that was 21 inches (54cm) long, thick and fat, it has been estimated to have been at least 4lb – a stunning way to celebrate my 32nd year fishing the Club’s waters.

River Frome Brown Trout 4lb

While I was chatting to John Aplin & Kev Ackerman down by the river the following day, Trev Stroud telephoned to say he had just landed another big fish. A quick dash down (also bumping into Matt Rosekilly (ex Hon.Treas)) we found Trev with another beautiful fish, this one weighed at 3lb 7oz.

The big fish are still about and feeding on the mayfly – so get out ASAP and catch one yourself….

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Shhhhh it’s Started

Today, for the first time in months we had proper rain (at last)…. So Bryan Sennett, Robin Ayles and myself headed to the clubs rather fine new fishing at Affpuddle to trim back a few trees to make wading (with a little care) of the whole beat possible. DONE….

Bryan decided that it could be a good move to bring his trusty “Hardy Smuggler” and a handful of Mayflies… Great plan Mr Chairman, there was a huge hatch of Mayfly and the fish were going bonkers, so in between fuelling the chainsaw Bryan and his net gillie Robin landed over ten Trout and rose probably another twenty… Amazing….

Those rainy muggy days, simply the best fishing days!

So words from Mr Chairman ” I officially declare that the DFC Mayfly season has begun” enjoy ladies and gentlemen…


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Evening Fishing

Here is a video taken by Ben that shows the magic of evening fishing during a mayfly spinner fall (in slow-mo!) – the air is thick with mayfly, he had a great evening catching some stunning wild fish..

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The Mayfly are hatching and the fish are rising, even today the river was brown after yesterdays rain, but fish were still able to spot hatching mayfly and were feeding well..!

A fishing report from Hoot:-

After setting off yesterday (Friday 20th) for just my second trip to the Frome this season and facing quite a chilly, breezy day I didn’t hold out much hope, especially as the water is still carrying quite a bit of colour due to an algal bloom. I was pleasantly surprised however when arriving at the river to see a steady hatch of mayfly coming off with the odd fish rising here and there. After a few missed takes and a catch up with John A and Robin, I managed to land a couple of reasonable fish and continued up-river encountering rising fish around every bend with a good mix of stockies and wild fish coming to the net.

Mayfly continued hatching into the evening and apart from my favourite Mohican pattern, White Wulff and French Partridge flies were also successful except for one fish that refused everything besides an emerger. Into late evening and fish were still rising despite a complete lack of spent gnat on the water. I soon realised that a hatch of sedge had started so managed to finish off the evening with a couple more fish on deer hair and CDC sedge patterns. All in all a very enjoyable day with well over a dozen fish landed (and several lost including a 2-3 pounder which threw the hook) with the best fish just over 2 lbs; even the rain managed to hold off until I arrived back at the car! The weather is pretty atrocious today (Saturday) but hopefully the days will improve along with the clarity of the water and I’m looking forward to some more mayfly fishing over the next couple of weeks.

Kind regards,


The Honorary Secretary also had a red letter during the rain yesterday and landing this wonderful 16″ trout..


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This Beauty

I had a great visit to the upper water yesterday afternoon – with a decent hatch of mayfly, though strangely localised, and a heavy fall of spinner from 5.00 pm onwards. A spinner imitation caught this beauty who was feeding greedily. Just time for a quick photo, before she was safely returned to the water – though I forgot to measure it !

Best wishes


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Found Landing Net & Mayfly Report

Just back from a splendid evenings fishing, plenty of mayfly and rising fish. My guest who I shared a rod with found a rather nice net along the bank under Poundbury, so if you have lost one please get in touch with me 07535 889171.. (owner of net found)

A fat escapee rainbow I caught on Sunday!!!!

An escapee from a fish farm


The Honorary Secretary has also been out enjoying the mayfly:

I have completely indulged myself this weekend, with some of the best mayfly fishing I can remember. Not spectacular rises with fish all over the place, but lots of wandering and watching has found me some really good fish. These two are probably the best of them, both well over 2lbs and classic Frome fish. However the one I lost in the bushes yesterday morning would have trumped them quite easily.

Detatched body mayfly has done most of the catching so far, although it can be difficult to hook them – I’ll be back at the vice shortly and doing them a little smaller..




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Mohican Mayfly

Fished yesterday (Friday) and was very pleased to see a steady stream of mayfly coming off and more rising fish than I’ve seen in some time; I thought I was in for a bumper day but as it turned out it was one of the most frustrating days I’ve had. Although the occasional dun was being taken, the fish were preoccupied with something very much smaller and for the life of me I couldn’t work out exactly what. Eventually I hooked a fish on a small emerger but lost it shortly afterwards. Dozens of refusals, short takes and a couple more lost fish later and I’d all but given up.

It wasn’t until early evening and further up the beat that I hooked a good fish on the mayfly but after a short fight I lost this one as well! The next fish I hooked did at last make it to the net, a nice 13” fish. My persistence paid off as shortly afterwards I was into a good fish which turned out to be a nice 2 lb’er and to make up for my difficult day there followed an almost identical fish about ten minutes later. I fished into dusk and landed a couple more fish (and lost a couple more) all on the trusty Mohican Mayfly, so all in all not a bad day. Looking forward to more of the same.


22-5-15 2-1

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Mohican Mayfly

Conditions have been rather challenging over the last couple of sessions so I have been fishing the side streams. The main river on the bank holiday weekend trip was very coloured but slightly less so on the carrier where a steady stream of mayfly encouraged a reasonable rise of fish throughout the afternoon and evening and produced around half a dozen fish with a few over the pound, all on mayfly. Last weekend’s trip was greeted with even muddier water and this time the side stream wasn’t much better with sparse mayfly and very little fish activity compared to the previous weekend.

Despite a few missed takes on the dry and the odd fish lost on nymphs, not a single trout was landed all afternoon until the early evening when, for a short time, quite large numbers of spinners returned to the river. The very occasional fish was seen rising and eventually I hooked one which after quite a prolonged fight, with a couple of aerial displays thrown in for good measure, was safely in the net; a nice 17” wild brownie of around 2¼ lbs. I returned to the main river where I managed to loose another reasonably-sized fish plus a couple of smaller ones. I was using my favourite pattern, the Mohican mayfly. I hope we have a dry spell soon!


River Frome Brown Trout


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Rather Muddy Water

I had a great couple of days on the Frome at the end of last week trying to catch trout on mayflies in rather muddy water. There were plenty of birds (including 3 hobbies) hunting mayflies too and having a much easier time finding them than the trout were. Remarkably some of the fish (none of them stockies) did manage to see the fly so the trip was not entirely unsuccessful.

But here’s a photo of the one that got away.


All the best, Doug

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River Work – Gascoyne Bridge

One member turned out for the work party this morning, but he did come with quad bike to help move the logs!!!

2014-05-12 09.24.13

Also found on April 25th a set of fishing clippers at Lower Bockhampton lay-by – please contact Honorary Secretary if you have lost them..

PS> mayfly have started and fish are rising, I was lucky enough to catch this wonderful brown on a mayfly pattern tonight!

2014-05-12 18.19.49

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