Summer BBQ & Social

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The CLA Game Fair

Two Members Tony & Tim enjoying the Game Fair today. Here they are trying some of Charles’s wonderful Marryat rods…….

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AGM Report

The AGM was very well attended and with the Chairman unfortunately unable to attend, I was thrown into the deep end and chaired the meeting.

Charles Dutton reported that the EA will be starting the fish pass at Loud’s Mill in 2007!
The work to make the weir at Bindon Abbey passable has been completed.
You will be able to pay your subscriptions over the internet.
It was agreed to trial grayling fishing on all of the Club’s water, with the condition of no bait fishing is allowed above Gifford’s Pool.
John then presented an excellent slide show on the Lower Water improvements.

Complete report in the December letter…..

Johns Opening Slide

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Ponds & Lakes Association picnic

Arrived at Long Bridge at about 5:35 – John was first to arrive and then a multitude of cars trying to find parking spots. We headed down stream at about 6:05 and I guess there must have been a good 20+ people – a grand turn out.

Loud’s Mill

The weather was absolutely fabulous and the river looked in fine fettle, even after the overnight rain. On the way down stream we bumped into Liam Spencer who was day ticket fisherman from Lancashire and then into Richard Millar and his guests – Apologies Guys

We showed and explained where the river improvements were to take place and what work was to be completed. Then back up to below Loud’s Mill for a picnic in the setting sun. I sat and ate while a few practised their pond dipping skills.

The catch

Picnic time

As the sun started to set, it was time to head home and say our goodbyes – just as the fish started to move to the clouds of BWO’s

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The Frome Piddle & Fisheries Association

Three picnickers’ arrived and we headed down to Fisherman’s Hut where we would picnic. The river looked stunning with great growth of ranunculus and John’s well kept riparian banks made the setting perfect.

We were caught up by the Streeter picnic gang and shortly after by the Galbraiths. We laid the blankets, opened the wine and enjoyed a pleasant hour enjoy the surroundings and the great company.

Picnic Time

On the walk back we saw some good fish, up to 2lb rising steadily.

It was just a shame that so few people from the Frome & Piddle Association and the fishing Club came along, but it was their loss on such a splendid evening for a picnic.

Did you see that!

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Fishing/Casting/Fly Tying Members Day

The weather was perfect for the occasion and it wasn’t long before John & I were set up and trying out his 9wt fly rod that he uses for bass fishing.

Rob Ayles & Dave Rabson (waiting list) were first to arrive and soon after that Doug Pritchard dropped in.

It wasn’t long before we had the nets and magnifying lenses out looking at the insect life that the trout feed on. We found BWO nymphs, alder fly nypmhs, mayfly nymphs, some huge caddis and we even had one small olive hatch while still in the tray! We spent the next hour paddling in the water inspecting our catch – a very enjoyable morning.

The Catch!

Inspecting the Catch


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