More Flooding

After yesterdays downpour the River Frome is up and coloured. Today I joined the River Keeper (John Aplin) on his rounds.

It is amazing to see so much water about, but with the aquifers already full there is only one place the rain can go – downstream!!!

Lower Bockhampton

Looking Towards Grey’s Bridge

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Easter Sunday

It’s Easter Sunday, its cold and the river is bank high & coloured – no fishing for a while ūüôĀ


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Top up

After a fairly long dry spell, John G took all our lovely summer weather on holiday with him, replacing it with a few incredable rain showers and some cooler weather, this has done wonders for the river giving it a well deserved flush through and a little top up.

The BWO hatches have been a little spasmodic, but the large sedges in the evenings are taking their fair share of fish.

Day ticked sales are going superbly well this year, superb value for money!

It is very nearly August, well over half way through the season, so folks get out and make the most of it!

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A week into the season

Despite the sunny days and the wind coming from the SW, it has remained fairly cold, thus hampering the Grannom hatches, there has been the odd flurry, a few Olives, Hawthornes, and Daddys.

As a result of this there has been little fishing taking place, the odd rising fish, only in sheltered places.

The fishing will pick up after the rain on Friday, especially when it warms up a little next week.

Can all rods be aware of the fact that the Ten Hatches is unstable and the path leading to them is under cut with a large volume of water flowing under the path! This has been reported to the EA and I wait to here of possible solutions.

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River update

Friday evening the river was running clear, during the night we must of had a huge cloud burst, causing the Frome to colour up, so apologies for today’s information, as long as it does not rain again Sunday will be fine!

A little colour, but fining down……

The Lower water after topping…..

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Rivers and things

The forecast for today would appear to be sunny and warm ! A lot of the colour has dropped out of the river making way for a good weekend of fishing. I would therefore suggest that we all make the most of it as there are only about four weeks left!

One of our rods lost a rather fine deer horn “priest” back in the summer, which was kindly handed in by the swan herding folk. I can’t remember who this belonged to. Any clues, please call (John on 01305 257490) .

A date for your dairies. A work party on the willow at the Withy Bed under Poundbury – 9.00am Friday 7th November “please bring waders” …..

Will Bown kindly sent me this picture of a fine fish he caught a few weeks ago. As is the case with a lot of anglers, it has been a while since last visiting the river due to the weather. If you have any tales or pictures to share with us, please send me an e mail.

Nice Fish…….

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You will all be pleased to know that the river is back to normal, safe to make a journey from however far away you live, even Prague!

But….. they do give a drop of rain on Thursday!

I must go fishing, today…….

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