River Piddle Work Party

Next work party is planned for Saturday 28th June River Piddle parking spot 9am start.


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River Piddle

There is a work party Friday 8th March to prepare the wonderful River Piddle for the coming season. Plus, once all the work is done, John Aplin has very kindly offered to all who attend a spot of fishing for his monster grayling on his own water!!!!

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Piddle looked stunning


As my management is away doing her Granny duties I have been living up the river for the last couple of days. I even thought about moving into that nice tent that I spotted along the bank. Tuesday was the lower stretch followed by a session further up. The Mayfly did not really start to appear until around midday. The hatch was rather sparse but enough to bring on a reasonable rise and I was pleased to catch a modest wild fish as well as a couple of stockies. The afternoon session above  was not very productive. Another stretch looked a bit sad because of a lack of water.

Yesterday I started off at the Piddle. There were very few Mayfly about but at around midday a few fish started to show although the hatch never really got going before I left at 1400. Nevertheless there were enough rising fish to make life interesting and I was rewarded with one of these beautiful wild Piddle fish of about ¾ lbs. The Piddle looked stunning and I just had to take a picture. There is no doubt that Piddle water is gin clear and much superior to Frome water. Notwithstanding the purity of the water I decided to go back to the Frome and continue my exploration of the side streams. This was a good decision. When I started the afternoon session a few Mayfly were fluttering above the water and as the afternoon progressed they started to hatch in ones and twos.  By the time I packed up at 1730 5 fish all above 1 ½ lbs had been landed including one of 18 inches which could hardly fit into my scoop net. I was fishing with a Grey Wulff.


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Fine Fettle

David and I fished the lower water this morning. It was a glorious sunny day with a slightly chilly North wind. There were plenty of Grannom coming off, but as I always find with Grannom not many fish rising. We fished all morning and I had two small Trout on a CDC Emerger and David had a Trout and a reasonable Grayling on a nymph.

In the afternoon we went over to the Piddle which looked in fine fettle, but no Grannom and no Trout showing. David had one Trout on a nymph.

All in all a quiet day but it was great to be back the river looks in fantastic condition, the Swallows have arrived and there is a duck on the lower water with 12 chicks and we have the whole season ahead of us.


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Southover Farm Water, River Piddle

The Membership is now complete and you will shortly be receiving the March Newsletter, Membership Card etc.

We have unfortunalety lost the lease on the top bit of the River Wrackle and our fishing now ends just above the old hatch at Cuckoo Pound. I have sent out a new map showing the limit of our fishing and we will mark the end of our beat to avoid confusion.

To more than compensate for that loss, your Managing Committee has secured a lease on 2/3 mile of fishing on the River Piddle, Southover Farm, Tolpuddle. This is fantastic news and to ensure we keep this magical little fishery, Members are requested to adhere to the rules as detailed in the March Newsletter.

Southover Farm Water, River Piddle
From Dorchester Fishing Club 2009
From Dorchester Fishing Club 2009
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