Weed Cutting

Today we had a weed cutting working party, because as you know the weed growth this years has been astonishing and a light trim is badly needed…

John intends to have a few more evening weed cutting working parties, so please turn out if you can because many hands make light work 🙂

Brian in full swing

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Weed Cutting

Ok, its now fairly late, I have just come back from two intensive days guiding on the river Test, absolutly great, lots of Mayfly and smiling anglers.

I am very proud of my “Riverworks” team who were on the Club water today, they had a great day running around with mowers, and chatting to various anglers, I would so love to be able to be in at least two places at once.

Tomorrow is a weed cutting day, I need a full team to make it work, so please be at Whitfield Hatches at 9.00am………

John’s post is great, I just wonder if he has a new camera?

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