Glimmer of Hope

Nothing quite like talking about the weather, a slightly damp spring, let’s leave it at that!

Yesterday there was a glimmer of hope…

In slightly extreme river conditions, despite the height, the water clarity on the Piddle is lovely and, now this is important, the sun was out, there were Grannom and Olives hatching and a little fall of Hawthorne all drifting down bubble lines to rising fish!!!!!

Ian Stirling called by and suggested we take a look and even better take a rod, I managed to open this seasons account with a stunning Piddle fish of about half a pound that sipped down an Olive cast over flooded river bank.

Reading between the lines, Ian caught one or two earlier in the week.

If you head down to the river, take your time and be careful, these little flurries of activity are short lived, right place right time springs to mind..

River Keeper

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Three to a dry fly

A pleasant couple of hours on our lovely river this morning resulted in three fish, and of these, the one pictured was by far the best. A beautifully coloured native trout, and although neither weighed nor measured, it was certainly over 14 inches and pretty chunky. I had quite a bit of trouble holding this feisty individual long enough to get some sort of picture with the other hand – and then only got part of it. The two others were of about a pound or so each. These were the only fish I saw rising and all took a dry grannom type pattern happily enough. Strangely my nymph on this occasion found nothing.

Will Bown

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Grannom Hatching

Richard Miller (Honorary Secretary) arrived at the river mid morning yesterday and was lucky enough to witness a enormous hatch of grannom. The first video shows hatching fly & shucks drifting downstream. The second video shows two fish rising and the photograph is of one of the rising fish caught on a grannom emerger pattern.

Link to Dave Collin’s Grannom Pupa Emerger Pattern

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Not Quite 1st April…!

Your Honorary Secretary Richard Miller, Riverkeeper John Aplin and myself (+ John Thorpe) have just returned from an epic fishing holiday in New Zealand. We did fish on the 1st April on the River Makarora where the Wilkin River flows in, it was cold and wet. But not as wet as in Dorset and we hear that the Frome was over the banks for the first part of April. We all caught fish, strong rainbows in an amazing river & landscape. (hear more about our trip at the Dorset Chalkstream Club this autumn)


After hearing that there were grannom hatching, I ventured out today for my first visit to fish the Club’s water since my return. The weather wasn’t perfect, strong & cold downstream wind, plus sleet showers! Even so there was a small hatch of grannom and a few small trout rose to them. But the hatch was over so quickly I failed to make the most of it and when another sleet shower came over, it was time to head home!


There are signs that the Frome is warming up and spring is starting to appear, hopefully it won’t be long before some decent trout show themselves!!


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April Start

My brother and I had an excellent day sharing a rod a week ago on the Lower Water. The grannom were hatching in large numbers although the trout as usual were reluctant to show themselves this early in the season. However, in bright sunshine and clear water we managed to pick up close to a dozen fish with several to the dry fly, making this our best April start in a few years. We also missed a few but that is always the way with the first trip. Best flies were my brother’s CDC & Elk grannom and the usual nymphs, small PTN in particular.

Attached few shots to brighten the blog.

All the best,





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April 2nd

In almost constant drizzle, or steady rain, things felt a bit grim on Thursday. But an hour on the river seemed worth a bit of discomfort and with some grannom about a suitable pattern soon delivered this feisty fish. Another better one followed, but sadly it came adrift, leaving a mangled fly and by now a pretty wet fisherman. Nice to have made a start at least.


First of the year

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Clouds of Grannom

Fished this morning for a couple of hours between Lower Bockhamton and the metal bridge. Caught two wild brownies, one about 9 inches, one about 4 inches and an accidental grayling about 50-55cm, clonker! All on nymph, Mary copperhead. Pretty windy and huge clouds of Grannom but only saw a couple of rises.

river frome

Shame about the rag in the bushes in the grannom shot (target for next working party!)


River Frome

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Handy Walkway

I managed to have my first day on the DFC water on Friday and was quite surprised to find the river in very strong flow and carrying a fair bit of colour. Another more pleasant surprise was to observe a very good grannom hatch; it was absolutely swarming with them!

Shortly after arrival I saw a fish rising steadily and after a few attempts landed the first fish of the day. I was using a deer hair sedge and managed to tempt several more fish on the same fly. The grannom was so prolific that my waders were covered in females at the water line and they were crawling down under water to deposit their eggs, using my legs as a handy walkway! (Sorry for quality of photo).


The hatch continued fairly consistently throughout the afternoon and early evening although I did swap to a CDC sedge pattern later in the day when fish became very fussy. In all, I had around a dozen fish, all on the dry. None were of any great size but all healthy looking wild fish up to around the ¾ pound mark. I did see some larger fish rising late evening but were unable to tempt them; it wasn’t until a little while after that I realised the fish had switched to feeding on something very small and unidentified and after a change of fly managed to land the last fish of the day on a tiny CDC emerger.

All in all a very pleasant day with nice weather and I really appreciated the new stiles and bridges as I am nursing a bad back at present! Looking forward to the season ahead.


River Frome

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Scruffy imitation

I also had a go at lunch time today (Friday). On lower water, plenty of grannon & dark winged olives (one rested on my hand making identification easier) a kingfisher and a mink, opposite the blackbirds’ nest Jim mentioned but of trout, nowt! I did see a tiddler splash in the distance but juicy flies were ignored as of course was my scruffy imitation.


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Where be that blackbird to!

There is a blackbird’s nest in the Fishermen’s Hut on the lower water and I ask members to avoid disturbing the sitting hen bird. This morning I spent three hours on the river encouraged by John’s post on the website reporting a strong Grannom hatch. Today, the Grannom did not really get going until about 11:30.

There were not so many fish rising but enough to make the fishing interesting. The reward for a bit of perseverance was a beautifully spotted 17 1/2 inch fish that took a size 14 Grannom. I took the picture of it with my i-phone but as always I managed to get a bit of my finger across the lens.


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