Glimmer of Hope

Nothing quite like talking about the weather, a slightly damp spring, let’s leave it at that!

Yesterday there was a glimmer of hope…

In slightly extreme river conditions, despite the height, the water clarity on the Piddle is lovely and, now this is important, the sun was out, there were Grannom and Olives hatching and a little fall of Hawthorne all drifting down bubble lines to rising fish!!!!!

Ian Stirling called by and suggested we take a look and even better take a rod, I managed to open this seasons account with a stunning Piddle fish of about half a pound that sipped down an Olive cast over flooded river bank.

Reading between the lines, Ian caught one or two earlier in the week.

If you head down to the river, take your time and be careful, these little flurries of activity are short lived, right place right time springs to mind..

River Keeper

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April 1st 2018

After some torrential rain a few days ago, the rivers burst their banks and there was little hope of casting a fly on the opening day. But after just 24 hours the smaller streams were running clear and fishable.

April 1st 2018

I opened my season on the River Cerne, saw large dark olives & a few grannom hatching. But the trout had their heads down, which called for a small weighted PTN, it did the job and my 2018 seasons account was open.

April 1st 2018

I was joined by Trev & Rob and Trev was also soon into fish (photo by John Aplin).

April 1st 2018

With the forecast rain this week, I would check the river levels before venturing out. (links on the right) or if you are on Twitter :-

Maiden Newton
Louds Mill

April 1st 2018

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Three to a dry fly

A pleasant couple of hours on our lovely river this morning resulted in three fish, and of these, the one pictured was by far the best. A beautifully coloured native trout, and although neither weighed nor measured, it was certainly over 14 inches and pretty chunky. I had quite a bit of trouble holding this feisty individual long enough to get some sort of picture with the other hand – and then only got part of it. The two others were of about a pound or so each. These were the only fish I saw rising and all took a dry grannom type pattern happily enough. Strangely my nymph on this occasion found nothing.

Will Bown

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Evening Fishing

Here is a video taken by Ben that shows the magic of evening fishing during a mayfly spinner fall (in slow-mo!) – the air is thick with mayfly, he had a great evening catching some stunning wild fish..

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The Mayfly are hatching and the fish are rising, even today the river was brown after yesterdays rain, but fish were still able to spot hatching mayfly and were feeding well..!

A fishing report from Hoot:-

After setting off yesterday (Friday 20th) for just my second trip to the Frome this season and facing quite a chilly, breezy day I didn’t hold out much hope, especially as the water is still carrying quite a bit of colour due to an algal bloom. I was pleasantly surprised however when arriving at the river to see a steady hatch of mayfly coming off with the odd fish rising here and there. After a few missed takes and a catch up with John A and Robin, I managed to land a couple of reasonable fish and continued up-river encountering rising fish around every bend with a good mix of stockies and wild fish coming to the net.

Mayfly continued hatching into the evening and apart from my favourite Mohican pattern, White Wulff and French Partridge flies were also successful except for one fish that refused everything besides an emerger. Into late evening and fish were still rising despite a complete lack of spent gnat on the water. I soon realised that a hatch of sedge had started so managed to finish off the evening with a couple more fish on deer hair and CDC sedge patterns. All in all a very enjoyable day with well over a dozen fish landed (and several lost including a 2-3 pounder which threw the hook) with the best fish just over 2 lbs; even the rain managed to hold off until I arrived back at the car! The weather is pretty atrocious today (Saturday) but hopefully the days will improve along with the clarity of the water and I’m looking forward to some more mayfly fishing over the next couple of weeks.

Kind regards,


The Honorary Secretary also had a red letter during the rain yesterday and landing this wonderful 16″ trout..


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Not Quite 1st April…!

Your Honorary Secretary Richard Miller, Riverkeeper John Aplin and myself (+ John Thorpe) have just returned from an epic fishing holiday in New Zealand. We did fish on the 1st April on the River Makarora where the Wilkin River flows in, it was cold and wet. But not as wet as in Dorset and we hear that the Frome was over the banks for the first part of April. We all caught fish, strong rainbows in an amazing river & landscape. (hear more about our trip at the Dorset Chalkstream Club this autumn)


After hearing that there were grannom hatching, I ventured out today for my first visit to fish the Club’s water since my return. The weather wasn’t perfect, strong & cold downstream wind, plus sleet showers! Even so there was a small hatch of grannom and a few small trout rose to them. But the hatch was over so quickly I failed to make the most of it and when another sleet shower came over, it was time to head home!


There are signs that the Frome is warming up and spring is starting to appear, hopefully it won’t be long before some decent trout show themselves!!


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Tup’s Indispensable

The weather was quite pleasant for my last couple of hours of the season today. No wind, mild, a bit of sunshine, and some nice autumn colours. Four grayling from a single shoal were keen to take my little dry fly – the best making just over two pounds. A bit further up I noticed that a hatch of pale wateries was underway in a patch of sunlight, and what looked like a decent trout close under the bank was quietly making the most of them. My Tup’s Indispensable was grabbed without hesitation. It fastened, and on the end was a lovely fish to end the season with.

Will Bown

Tup’s Indispensable

Tup’s Indispensable

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A decent grayling on a windy morning

A gusty wind, a dismal grey sky, and a soft drizzle greeted me as I arrived for a short session on the Lower Water this morning. With no fly visible and no rising fish, a nymph seemed the best choice. For an hour or more nothing could be found and tangles became a nuisance in the constant gusts.

A swan followed me a long way upstream, continually doing its best to get in the way. But at a bend, a nice run of deeper water looked hopeful, and also offered some shelter from the wind. The little nymph very soon found a nice big grayling tight in under some reeds, and although I was after trout, this was still a decent fish. But it objected to being photographed, and with a thrash, slipped out of my grasp and back into the river, disappearing with a swirl.

Two more grayling quickly followed from almost the same spot, and on the way down a couple of modest trout on some gravelly shallows liked the look of a small dry fly drifting over their heads. By then my time was up and I turned for home, typically just as the sky began to brighten from the west.


Decent august grayling

Flexibody nymph

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Magical Night

I see no recent posts on the blog so here are a couple of evening shots from the Frome at end July. One of a welcome visitor (roe buck) and the other, not so welcome. We didn’t manage to get a picture of the barn owl quartering over the meadow, nor the otter which popped its head up midstream.

Fishing was good in the late evenings, with medium-sized grayling and some plump trout (all returned).

All the best, Doug



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Lovely Session

The early evening was hot and sultry and the river low and clear. There were still plenty of mayflies hatching, but strangely the trout were ignoring them. Further up I noticed Blue-winged Olives and the trout were already onto them. I had a little pattern in the box in a size 18, tied with a turkey biot body and blue dun hackle, and with the finest tippet I could muster, up it went.

A heavy trout snatched it without hesitation, and after an angry tussle eventually came thrashing into the net. A beautifully coloured fish of ample proportions. But it was impatient for its freedom, and after a quick and rather difficult record shot, away it went. Plenty of damsels everywhere, and kingfishers, and a few more small trout too. A lovely session.


A decent trout to a BWO

Blue-winged Olive

BWO Dun female

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