April 1st 2018

After some torrential rain a few days ago, the rivers burst their banks and there was little hope of casting a fly on the opening day. But after just 24 hours the smaller streams were running clear and fishable.

April 1st 2018

I opened my season on the River Cerne, saw large dark olives & a few grannom hatching. But the trout had their heads down, which called for a small weighted PTN, it did the job and my 2018 seasons account was open.

April 1st 2018

I was joined by Trev & Rob and Trev was also soon into fish (photo by John Aplin).

April 1st 2018

With the forecast rain this week, I would check the river levels before venturing out. (links on the right) or if you are on Twitter :-

Maiden Newton twitter.com/riverlevel_0241
Louds Mill twitter.com/riverlevel_0242

April 1st 2018

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April 1st – 2017

Very changeable weather today, with warm sun, rain and a cold wind blowing down the valley. But I know a few little spots were spring starts a little sooner and found hatching grannom, with a few willing trout to my GRHE pattern.

Spring seems a lot more advanced than previous years, with leaves bursting from the majority of trees and lush meadows of grass. The river too has more ranunculus than in the last few years and I think John Aplin will be busy this year controlling the bank-side vegetation.

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Not Quite 1st April…!

Your Honorary Secretary Richard Miller, Riverkeeper John Aplin and myself (+ John Thorpe) have just returned from an epic fishing holiday in New Zealand. We did fish on the 1st April on the River Makarora where the Wilkin River flows in, it was cold and wet. But not as wet as in Dorset and we hear that the Frome was over the banks for the first part of April. We all caught fish, strong rainbows in an amazing river & landscape. (hear more about our trip at the Dorset Chalkstream Club this autumn)


After hearing that there were grannom hatching, I ventured out today for my first visit to fish the Club’s water since my return. The weather wasn’t perfect, strong & cold downstream wind, plus sleet showers! Even so there was a small hatch of grannom and a few small trout rose to them. But the hatch was over so quickly I failed to make the most of it and when another sleet shower came over, it was time to head home!


There are signs that the Frome is warming up and spring is starting to appear, hopefully it won’t be long before some decent trout show themselves!!


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April 1st

I noticed that there were a good few Members out today enjoying the sun, but also enduring the strong downstream wind!! I thought I was in for a good day when a small trout rose and took my fly on the River Cerne beat. But it was the only fish that I could find that was hungry for my dry fly!!

first of the season

I did spot a few grannom hatching and this early display of Celandines, both hint to warmer times 🙂


River Cerne

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April 1st

WOW what a contrast to this time last year! Then we had temperatures of around 6c, today it was in the twenties!!! But it did start with thick fog, luckily it was burning off as I headed to the river.


Soon I spotted a grannom hatching mid-river, but the beat I was fishing all was quiet for another hour until finally I spotted a rise and caught my first fish of the season..


After that I saw very little hatching fly and no more rising fish! But I hear through the grapevine that others were more successful on the smaller carriers & rivers.

The new stiles really did make getting around a lot easier and it is hoped Members will now explore more of the Club’s waters… Yes a great start to the 2014 season..


Caught a super Brownie; the season is off to a great start!


On Upper stretches but what a glorious day. More tomorrow, I am exhausted !!!!!


I had one of those classic long range releases, the ones we all dream about…


I had three trout (biggest about 1 lb.)


I had two brownies and a couple of instant releases on the Cerne!




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April 1st

Well without doubt this is the coldest April 1st I have had to endure since I joined the Club in 1986! But it was dry and the river is in excellent condition…

I tried a sheltered spot, but nothing was moving or hatching. John Aplin came along and we headed up to the River Cerne to find some shelter, but I was waving the white flag after 20 minutes battling with the wind!!

Back to the main river and reluctantly tied on a small goldhead, landed three out of season grayling and the first trout of the 2013 season…

I bumped into Rob A. as I was leaving and spotted a few cars dotted about – I hope you all had better success than me….

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April 1st

The amazing weather continues and still no sign of any meaningful rain…. But perfect for the first trip of the season….

Arrived around 10am and there was fly already in the air and small trout rising in the margins. It wasn’t long before a 10″ brown sucked in the GRHE as it floated downstream. This continued until I was joined by the usual 1st April gang for a good natter.. But the rising fish was too much and good few trout came to the fly over the next couple of hours.. A great 1st April trip, now please start raining ASAP!!

Best of the day


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April 1st

After years of fishing the River Frome I am still very much learning it’s rhythm and when is the optimum time to fish.

April 1st arrived to a very wet,  misty and windy morning, this was after weeks of amazingly calm warm weather. So not the best weather to dash out in the hope of  hatching grannom and rising fish.

It wasn’t until after midday that conditions improved and I felt it was time for me to head to the river. When I arrived it was still raining, misty and generally not very pleasant at all.  After tackling up,  I wandered over to a bridge and looked upstream – there were grannom everywhere and fish rising!!

Fishing a GRHE it wasn’t long before I landed my first trout of the season, then another, so it continued until the sun broke through the cloud and all action stopped dead.. How long the grannom had been hatching I will never know, but I do know, I wish I had got to the river a lot earlier!

Jim’s Report

Never mind the weather, it is the first of April so the chance to go fishing again could not be missed.

I arrived on the water at 0900 and it was all very quiet. The river was slightly coloured and the surface of the water was quite rough and dark with the gusts of a strong southerly wind and an overcast sky. A fine misty rain was carried in the wind and it was not a good morning for the dry fly so I tied on a Greenwell nymph and got some casting practice placing it in likely spots when the gusts of wind would allow.

After 2 hours of flogging the water the first fish turned up, a grayling. This was a bit ironic as I went fishing for grayling half a dozen times during the winter and caught absolutely nothing but the odd trout. My competence at grayling fishing is pretty well nonexistent.

At around 1130 I noticed that the grannom were becoming a bit more numerous and by midday there were some really good hatches in places. Better still, after not seeing a rise for the first three hours, trout started to pop up here and there. In fact, in some spots, a really good rise was underway. The wind had moderated and the clearing sky allowed some warmth to reach the river and stir grannom and trout into action.

Following a quick change to the dry fly, three decent fish came to the net before I got so hungry that I packed up to go home for lunch. As usual I was fishing a size 16 winged Greenwell. One day I must try something else. I met one other member and John A.


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25th April 1st

On my 25th April 1st fishing the Club’s waters, I woke to a frost, bright sunshine and a chilled wind. Probably the worst fishing conditions for trout fishing you could imagine!
But I battled the elements saw a few hatching olives, caught 2 trout, 2 grayling and heard reports of swallows flying on the Lower Water – so a good days fishing.
these daffodils sum up today: cold and wind swept!
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April 1st 2009

Well I can’t imagine more perfect weather than we had today, yes the easterly wind was a little chilly in exposed areas, but out of the wind it was gorgeous.. I also hear there were a lot of other Members out enjoying the first day and John Aplin had a flick or two as well….!

Well I just had to start down on our new piece of water on the River Piddle at Southover Farm. I tied on my new grannom pattern and flicked the fly up a nice ripply run — to my complete surprise a trout rose and took the fly – my first fish of 2009 on my first cast!!

Rod Crane joined me and disappeared up to the top stretch, I continued to explore this wonderful little river finding lots of little nooks and crannies. My next fish was a lot harder to catch and it wasn’t until lunchtime that another Piddle trout took the fly.

Time now to see if the Frome trout were rising and I wasn’t disappointed – in a couple of quite corners trout & grayling were rising and took the fly with such confidence!!

A grand opening day……….

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