I fished the lower stretch on Friday evening from 2000 to 2200. For the first time ever on the Frome I had a go at nymph fishing. I used a size 18 gold head pheasant tail nymph. My expectation was that I might catch some grayling and indeed it was a grayling that first had a pull at my fly.

Encouraged, I continued to fish by casting up into likely looking spots.

Suddenly I was aware of a bow wave from a trout swimming downstream towards me and then too late I realised that it had taken my nymph and I had missed it. The next encounter was with a couple of rising trout only a few metres apart, both had a grab at my fly and both were missed. Again I saw that characteristic bow wave as the fish made a dash for my fly.

I had originally planned to switch to the dry fly once the evening rise started but I was so fascinated by this new experience that I persevered with the nymph. In the course of the evening I had lots of takes and eventually I did land a very nice 12 inch trout. Quite a few fish escaped after a short tussle and I am not sure whether I had a problem with my timing or because the fish may be approaching a small hook from an oblique angle and a large number of misses are inevitable.

In any case, it was very enjoyable and one surprise was that almost all the fish that I turned over were trout.

Tight lines,

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Middle Water

I had I go in the middle stretch above Grey’s Bridge. I started at 2000 and finished at 2150. It was not a success. Quite a few fish were rising but they were mainly small Grayling. I only saw one decent trout rise. The middle stretch was also dissappointing in the Mayfly season yet when it was electric fished last Autumn there were lots of trout. Where have they all gone?
Jim Chalmers

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Beware of the Bull!

Fished the Upper Water at Gascoyne Bridge and walked down through the first field, but on my return noticed one of the cows wasn’t a cow, but in fact a bull – so please be careful when walking down.

What an amazing evening to be out – it was so still and quiet, but the thick air made it difficult to cast. The river was slightly stained from the previous day’s rain, but very fishable. The Upper Water is also looking absolutely fabulous, the bank side flora is now really established and the ranunculus growth is perfect (may even need a trim later in the season!)

Tackled up just above the otter holt, nothing was rising so on went a small pheasant tailed nymph and second cast a grayling! This is now the highest I have ever caught one. Few fish rising now and on went my evening rise fly (see bushy GRHE on Sundays report) I fished all the way back to Gascoyne Bridge catching plenty of fish, nothing larger than 10 inches, but great fun. I should have stayed longer, but had to listen to the last few minutes of the France vs Spain game – did Henry dive?

Looking upstream from Gascoyne Bridge
(Wrackleford Estate)

Jim Chalmers – I fished the lower water last night to try out my new Orvis 8.5 feet, line size 5 rod and Bar Stock reel. Not many fish were moving when I arrived at 2000 and I spent my time walking the river up to Loud’s Mill not even bothering to try a cast with my brand new rod. A few Mayfly were still to be seen fluttering above the water.

At about 2100 the evening rise began. It is quite surprising when parts of the river that seemed devoid of fish suddenly come alive and trout pop up in quite unexpected places. Within about 15 minutes I had landed (and returned) 3 trout, all about 12 inches long, and a grayling. On the way back down the river I hooked two much larger trout that both managed to escape after a brief tussle. The fish seemed very willing to take a size 16 barbless Greenwell. By 2150 it was becoming rather difficult to see the fly and I packed up.

My new rod, reel and line (also Orvis) were a delight to use and I wish that I had not persevered for the last 24 years on the Frome with my 9.5 feet line size 7 outfit. I put it down to my misspent youth of fishing the dry fly on Scottish Lochs were I needed a bit more casting power.

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More Welcome Rain

Another wet day, but the Upper Water looks fine at the moment and very fishable, although the Lower Water may be affected by the run off from Dorchester, so beware if your heading down there.

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Wet Sunday

I was due to walk a stretch of the coastal path today but the unexpected rain put a halt to that. There was no wind and this was the sort of rain I enjoy fishing in, so I put on my waterproofs and headed to the river.

I fished the Middle Water and as I tackled up I spotted a few hatching mayfly and a few pale wateries in the air, but no rising fish.

The rain increased and fishing the dry wasn’t really an option, so I tied on a partridge & orange to fish the fly in the surface film, I also greased a small section of my leader so I could see any takes.

It wasn’t long before my leader was straighten out by a small trout and for the next hour I enjoyed good sport catching trout and grayling.

The rain started to ease and time to switch to a dry fly; I decided that a larger fly may be the better bet, so I tied on a large GRHE and I caught two nice fish of around 12 inches under the trees, the rain started again so it was time to head home for the England match!

Partridge & Orange (size 16)

Very Bushy GRHE (size 14)


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Fishing/Casting/Fly Tying Members Day

The weather was perfect for the occasion and it wasn’t long before John & I were set up and trying out his 9wt fly rod that he uses for bass fishing.

Rob Ayles & Dave Rabson (waiting list) were first to arrive and soon after that Doug Pritchard dropped in.

It wasn’t long before we had the nets and magnifying lenses out looking at the insect life that the trout feed on. We found BWO nymphs, alder fly nypmhs, mayfly nymphs, some huge caddis and we even had one small olive hatch while still in the tray! We spent the next hour paddling in the water inspecting our catch – a very enjoyable morning.

The Catch!

Inspecting the Catch


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Father’s Day

I arrived to fish the Upper Water at about 19:30 and there were a few small fish rising as I tackled up. Then I noticed a large nose sipping in a fly and my first cast with my size 16 flymph, I had my first fish of the evening.

The river looked great and there was plenty of evidence of where River Keeper John’s new strimmer has been! There were also still a few mayfly coming off and plenty of spinners laying their eggs.

Waded up the shallows admiring the ranunculus, but I should have been concentrating because I spooked a good fish – dam.

Up to the Withy Bed and the usual suspects were rising on the bend, a nasty down stream wind made casting difficult and I didn’t give myself much of a chance of hooking a fish. But one came up and sucked in the fly, it was a lively 1lb grayling.

The next bend and a good fish was making some very splashy rises, I guess he was after hatching caddis, so I switched to a larger fly and cast – he came up and took the fly so slowly and confidently I was sure I had him, I struck and a slight tug and he was away – dam

The sun had set and it started to get chilly, it was now 21:30 so I tested my knots and got ready for the evening rise. There’s a fish and another and another, for the next 20 mins I had great fun, during one fish a deer waded the river just 20 yards up stream – amazing.. A great end to Father’s Day

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All Quiet

River looks fine after the recent rain, but eerily quiet now that the mayfly have finished. There is now plenty of ranunculus which will help with the water level.

Now we can start to enjoy the evening rise.

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Early Morning

I managed to get on the river at 6.30 Saturday morning fishing below Whitfield hatches about 300 yds downstream of the railway bridge. There was plenty of everything hatching including mayfly, though not in huge numbers. I was pleased to land a 16 “ fish on a Greenwells Glory( probably the same fish from my last outing ) and missed loads of other takes. All the action was over by 8 am so packed up after 8.30 and went home for breakfast. Sad to see a nice fish dead with a mepps spinner imbedded in it scissors just above the railway bridge.
All the best Nick Assirati

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Sorry for the lack of new posts over the past week, but I have been away fishing the rivers of Cumbria. I had an excellent start to the week but this hot weather put paid to any action during the day and fishing was then restricted to the evening rise.

Very similar to conditions on the Frome I hear; although there are still a few mayfly trickling off, but fishing will be best early morning or after the sun has set.

My best from the River Eamont

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