Fly fishing at Durdle Door, and yes another blank but who cares!!!!!!!!!

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Wrackle Working Party

We spent a very productive morning on the Wrackle, all of us building up a sweat on this very mild day clearing over grown willow from the north bank and in turn creating a little more fishing.
Sorry no photographs as i forgot my camera!!
Many thanks to Peter, Jim and Charles for your hard work.

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Water Dropping

Went down this afternoon to see if any salmon were coming up over Loud’s Mill; stayed watching for 30 mins, but all I saw was a small trout trying the leap!

The river is still coloured, but clear enough to fish a nymph or a worm and if we don’t get anymore significant rain I should think it will be perfect tomorrow.

No More Maize

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Water Water

No fishing today folks.
We finished the bank work just in time!!!!

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Riffles and weaving

Last night it rained all night, the river came up a foot, Tony King said two feet he could well be right, either way our new riffles certainly riffled!
The revetment work on the lower water is now complete, I just hope the Parr like it as much as the Grayling and Minnows do.
John G and I attended the River Frome Water Level managment plan meeting last night and it seems that the EA have a few plans for restoration themselves.

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Revetment work

The revetment work we are doing on the north bank of the lower water for our good neighbour is coming along very well.
Despite a shower or two, there has been a huge amount of willow woven into this structure, I can see every young Salmonid wanting to live here, especially those born in our nice new riffles.
Nice to see a couple of you out Grayling fishing, with a fish or two over 2lb already it could be a promising winter.

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Season is over

Where did this year go?
I managed to cast a fly on our lovely river twice this year, so come the end of the season and my daughter Liberty wants to go fishing, its a beautiful evening so we head off to a local lake, to catch a large(ish) Rainbow for supper.

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Completed Works

Just been down to see the completed works on the Lower Water; The only bad news is that the fishing won’t get easier – just better!

First riffle above Bockhampton Road

Second Riffle

Start of the Third Riffle
(a shoal of trout & grayling have already made it their home!)

Looking Downstream from the Metal Bridge.
(This shows what it was like before the digger arrived)

Just below the Fishing Hut

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Willow flow deflectors

Today we had a small work party and managed to build two flow deflectors as part of our lower water project, many thanks to all those involved!

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Last Fish

Home quickly this evening to get changed into my fishing gear and straight down to the River for my last fishing trip of the season.. As I was getting ready a car pulled up and two old gents got out – fisherman. They were old members who were fishing on a day ticket, so I let them go upstream and I walked down to the Withy Bed.

Railway Bridge

River was stained from the rains and it was decidedly chilly. No fish stirred, although hopes were raised at the sight of two pale wateries drifting by. I managed a few small fish in the shallows, one was a silver bright grayling.

On up under the railway bridge, still nothing was moving, but I managed to attract a couple of fish to rise to the size 16 GRHE. My last fish of the season was caught at the head of the long pool; my stomach told me it was ready for dinner so it was time for home!

Last Fish & my trusty Gunnison (Ross Reels)

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