Month: November 2006

Salmon Report

I have received another report saying that salmon are attempting the leap over Loud’s Mill weir. If you have chance I recommend that you go and watch this annual spectacular for yourself… Thanks for the report Rob………..

Salmon at Loud’s Mill

Loud’s Mill You should have been there yesterday to see the salmon! The blur on the left is one having an unsuccessful attempt ( sorry about the quality of the photo – only had my mobile phone camera with me ! ). There were quite a few there with some sea trout, surprisingly most were …

Water water everywhere

Bottom Riffle Last night we had a spot of rain, so I popped out for a stroll to see what our riffles were up to, but could not see a thing! Fishing might be off for a day or two as the river is still rising. ——————————————- Went down to Loud’s Mill to see if …

Please no MORE Rain

River looked very fishable this afternoon and if we only have “some” overnight rain, I will be out tomorrow… 23:35 More than “some” rain is falling – fishing is off tomorrow!

More Bad Weather

Looks like another front is coming in to spoil the weekend. I will post a report Friday evening on the state of the river.

The Rain Did Arrive!

Unfortunately we have had substantial rain today and the river is up and coloured…

Wool Bridge

12:30 Just checked out conditions down at Wool Bridge and if we don’t have anymore substantial rain the river will be fine for a weekends grayling trip. 16:30 Checked the River at Lower Bockhampton and it looks perfect for fishing….. Yesterday at Bindon Abbey – many thanks Ben – Monday 13th November 19:05 is now back online 🙂

Shooting Times & Country Magazine

There is a great article on the Lower Water improvements in this weeks edition, many thanks Nick..