Salmon Report

I have received another report saying that salmon are attempting the leap over Loud’s Mill weir. If you have chance I recommend that you go and watch this annual spectacular for yourself…

Thanks for the report Rob………..

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Salmon at Loud’s Mill

Loud’s Mill

You should have been there yesterday to see the salmon! The blur on the left is one having an unsuccessful attempt ( sorry about the quality of the photo – only had my mobile phone camera with me ! ). There were quite a few there with some sea trout, surprisingly most were pretty silver. None made it over the weir when I was there – surprise surprise – it really is criminal that it’s so difficult for them.

Richard Miller

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Water water everywhere

Bottom Riffle

Last night we had a spot of rain, so I popped out for a stroll to see what our riffles were up to, but could not see a thing!

Fishing might be off for a day or two as the river is still rising.


Went down to Loud’s Mill to see if any salmon were coming over – none seen – John Grindle

Loud’s Mill

A Very Full River!

Water Works!

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Please no MORE Rain

River looked very fishable this afternoon and if we only have “some” overnight rain, I will be out tomorrow…

23:35 More than “some” rain is falling – fishing is off tomorrow!

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More Bad Weather

Looks like another front is coming in to spoil the weekend. I will post a report Friday evening on the state of the river.

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The Rain Did Arrive!

Unfortunately we have had substantial rain today and the river is up and coloured…

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Wool Bridge

12:30 Just checked out conditions down at Wool Bridge and if we don’t have anymore substantial rain the river will be fine for a weekends grayling trip.

16:30 Checked the River at Lower Bockhampton and it looks perfect for fishing…..

Yesterday at Bindon Abbey – many thanks Ben

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Shooting Times & Country Magazine

There is a great article on the Lower Water improvements in this weeks edition, many thanks Nick..

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