Water, Water Everywhere!

There is plenty of water in the River today after the yesterdays rain and more is expected tonight.
Happy New Year

No Way Through
Old Water Meadow Hatch

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Grey’s Bridge

I thought that you might like to know how I got on with my latest attempt at grayling fishing. I fished the middle stretch above Grey’s Bridge yesterday. It was a very mild day so I did not suffer from numb fingers that can often spoil winter fishing. As I could not think of anything better to use I fished a size 14 Damsel Fly Goldhead nymph. I also used a WF7 line with a high density sinking tip with the objective of getting my nymph to bump along the bottom where the grayling are supposed to lie.

It was not too long before I had my first winter grayling, a fish of about 12 inches but despite its modest size I was delighted to discover that grayling can be caught on something other than bait. As I continued downstream I had about 5 other pulls at my fly and perhaps if I had been more alert I would have landed a few more fish. I saw three salmon breaking the surface and there was the odd fly on the water.

Jim Chalmers Fishing Report

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Boxing Day

Just nipped out for a quick fish with my new rod, a Greys Streamflex 9ft 4 weight, which Father Christmas delivered yesterday especially for my winter nypmh fishing.

I tried the Upper Water for the first winter fish during the grayling season. The rod was ideal for waving a size 12 weighted nymph about, unfortunately the grayling didn’t appreciate it and after fishing three pools it was time to head home before I was missed!

Whitfield Hatches
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Environment Agency visit

We had a friendly visit from some of the Environment Agency staff to look at the work now completed on the lower water, there were smiles all round, and they were keen to use our project as a model for future works and to show other land owners the pros of chalk stream improvements.

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A Wonderful Morning

A Saturday with blue sky, sun and no wind; I just had to go fishing! Here’s a photograph of blue sky if you had forgotten what it looks like!

Blue Sky!
Fished around Grey’s Bridge and 10 Hatches; the river was in tip top condition, almost as perfect as the weather; plus there were even a few olives hatching.
10 Hatches
Started with a heavy sushi nypmh tied on a Partridge barbless Czech nypmh hook, size 16 (approx. size 12!). The first pull was from a small brown, but I was soon into the small grayling as I approached the faster water.
Grayling Water
John Aplin came over for a chat and we will be planning a few working parties in the New year – we will announce the dates in late January.
John left and I continued to catch fish on this amazing fly. The pattern is from Slovenia and uses a most unusual ingredient – bright blue sushi!! This is blended with hares fur to produce this amazing translucent dubbing that grayling really do love…
Sushi Fly – Size 16
Blue Sushi
+5-Hatches = 10-Hatches !
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Instream Hatchery Box

December is Trout egg time, and I must say that the water levels are perfect this year, the springs at Whitfield Hatches are well and truly flowing, which will give our 25000 eggs all the water they require until they hatch and leave sometime towards the end of Febuary.
You could well notice the box on your travels with a fly rod, in search of virgin Upper Water Grayling..

25,000 Trout Eggs

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Grayling Fishing

My friend George came down from Liverpool for his annual grayling fish. The river & weather were perfect for a very welcome change!

George was soon into some fish, his first was a good 2lb+. We fished all day and we both ended with a grayling of 2lb 10oz+

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River Side BBQ 1997

It was good see Rod Crane again on Monday night and he has just sent me these photographs of the Club BBQ at Whitfield Hatches in 1997… Seems only like yesterday..

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AGM Report

The AGM was very well attended and with the Chairman unfortunately unable to attend, I was thrown into the deep end and chaired the meeting.

Charles Dutton reported that the EA will be starting the fish pass at Loud’s Mill in 2007!
The work to make the weir at Bindon Abbey passable has been completed.
You will be able to pay your subscriptions over the internet.
It was agreed to trial grayling fishing on all of the Club’s water, with the condition of no bait fishing is allowed above Gifford’s Pool.
John then presented an excellent slide show on the Lower Water improvements.

Complete report in the December letter…..

Johns Opening Slide

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First Grayling Trip

Checked out the river and it had cleared a little since yesterday; So back home to dig a few worms from the compost and I was soon parking up at Long Bridge.

River is still very full and has a good flow on it, but just clear enough to catch a grayling. I tried above and in the weir at Loud’s Mill; down to Dead Man’s, but I didn’t get a touch and I didn’t see any salmon attempting Loud’s Mill weir – But I did have a kingfisher land on a branch only a rod length away, he bobbed his head a couple of times and was away…..

Weather forecast is for even more storms tomorrow!

Cricket Bat Willows
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