Happy new year

Well a fantastic year for all, may I as river keeper take this opportunity to wish you all a HAPPY new year, with lots and lots of fine fishing in 2008….

Christmas Grayling fishing
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I drove up to Hooke fish farm earlier today and noticed that the Frome was about to burst its banks at Maiden Newton, fortunatly for Trev and his guest the flood water takes a few hours to get below Dorchester.

On my return to town I grabbed my camera and went in search of the Grayling duo, they were finding it a little on the tough side, luck was on my side and I managed to sneak one out on Trevs rod……

Dodging the storms.

Caught in the rain.

A mid week bonus, I love my job……

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2007 AGM

The AGM went very well, it was good to see so many Members there and many thanks to John Aplin for another super illustrated talk on the Club’s activities.

I will be sending out the subscription reminder & minutes ASAP.

Pike & Grayling Fishing

Members may fish for pike and grayling between October & February under the conditions described in rule 25. Please ALWAYS inform the Keeper when you intend to fish outside the trout season. Returns of fish caught, including dates and locations must be made to the Honorary Secretary at the end of February.

Brown – Upper Water!
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AGM time

I cannot believe that the clubs AGM has come around already, its tonight, so dont forget, an action packed evening.

We managed to get our egg box installed today, but it looks like we over mended the hatch…..

Eggs going in just before Christmas.

Egg box ready to go

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Up and coloured

The river is now up and very coloured, after 24 hours of fairly heavy rain.

If your going Grayling fishing you will need at least a 7 swan loafer…..

I need it to fine down in the next few days so we can install our hatchery box…

An image of spring.

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Grayling Fishing Weather

What perfect still frosty morning greeted myself and my grayling fishing friend George, as we tackled up.

The river was in great condition for grayling fishing, still high from the weeks rains, with just a tinge of colour. We were long trotting and it wasn’t long before we had the first hungry fish landed.

George into a good fish

We slowly worked our way downstream and it was good to see Trev out grayling fishing once more.

Best of the day
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We now have another stretch of fence free fishing.

Live stock are not using the meadow at Whitfield hatches, for a year or two so we have removed the fence.

Progress is also being made on the fence upstream of Ten Hatches.
Safe back cast zone
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Whitfield Hatches

At last, we have consent from the agency for our hatchery box and its 25000 diploid Brown Trout eggs.

The day was spent repairing the hatch that was blown out by the great flood of 07.

Now we can again obtain the head of water needed to run our box…..

Anyone joining us for our fun work party next friday, could you please make contact….

Hatch repairs…
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Grayling Trip


I managed to slink off between 1 and 3pm today what a stunning afternoon, more like April than November without the biting easterly.

Fishing around Grey’s Bridge I had grayling and one trout on a killer bug – shouldn’t that be renamed the killer maggot ?! The river was quite low and clear with a few fish rising in most pools ranging from acrobatic parr to reasonable trout and grayling.

The best bit was walking back to my car over Stinsford side stream bridge, here the water was clearer than the main river and I could easily watch the fish ( both species ) up to 1 ½ lbs. From this vantage point you can really appreciate the beauty of the fish especially the grayling with their sail fin. The grayling were the biggest of the two species, this small shoal of 7 fish were quite happily sharing lodgings in an area no bigger than 6’ x 6’, lesson learnt- I wont dismiss the carriers again on account of their size again.

Best wishes,


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Gravel washing

The last days gravel washing at Whitfield Hatches, just in time for any spawning Salmonids to make the most of, we were lucky with the weather for the whole project now it can rain and rain so our Salmon and Sea Trout can run up.

Many thanks to the EA for funding the gravel washing for another year, and may we all continue our quest in helping the Frome Salmon.

We took a short break for lunch and had a look to see how the willow flow deflectors we built back in May were working, check out the short video…..

Can you please report any MINK sightings to me….

Jet washing those riffles…

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