The Long Trot

Dear John,

I fished early saturday morning with my brother and we had a cracking couple of hours sport. The river looked superb, fast flowing with plenty of water but clear. The fish were all taken on a white maggot , ( one , two or three per hook , it didn’t seem to matter ) on a size twelve hook. Being barbless wasn’t any sort of handicap. We also saw a small salmon in spawning colours jump at the tail of the pool immeadiately below ten hatches , all was right with the world !


Below Greys Bridge

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Too Much Water

The old hatch at Whitefield failed to survive the pressure from all the rain and was badly damaged. Luckily repairs have been made and the eggs will soon be hatching and the fry will be swiming out to be big wild world!

Quick Repair!

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Membership 2007

Just a few more subscriptions to come in to complete the Membership for 2007. If your one that has yet to rejoin; please send into the Honorary Treasurer ASAP

So far we have had only three resignations and with two previous members rejoining, the waiting list hasn’t moved an awful lot..

(For those still on the waiting list, there are still the day tickets and I would suggest you get these booked ASAP)

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River Up & Coloured

The River is up & very coloured and with todays rain, it doesn’t look good for tomorrow either.

Time to tie some flies; Over the Christmas holidays I was lucky enough to fish a stretch of the River Wylye and this little pink number was a great success. To help get this fly down to the grayling, I attached it as a dropper to the eye of my heavier sushi Czech nymph.

Little Pink Number
Hook: de-barbed Kamasan, B100G size 14
Body: Pink seals fur substiute over lead wire
Rib: Hot pink
Back: Red Nymph Skin
Thread: Hot orange

PS> Big hello to our Adelaide, Australia blog reader, I wonder who it could be!!

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