Looking forward

The last day of the Grayling fishing today, and still the Frome in full spate.
I did try the Stinsford last week for pike, but no luck.
Well we can all look forward to the beginning of the Trout season now, and I have a couple of dates for your diarys.

29 March Wolften work party 9.00am

1 July Bass on the fly 6.00pm Ferry Bridge

Please give me a ring or email to give me some idea of numbers.

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Flooded again

Three consecutive nights of heavy rain left our beloved river unfishable for yet another weekend, the river spilled over the bank in several places, and my family and I had a lot of fun wading about taking photographs.

We should have no shortage of water for the spring, and the start of the season which at last is on its way.

I also picked up a tide table for the year so i will post the dates for the Bass fishing, and another work party for the Wolften beat,when I retrieve my diary from the office.

Water meadows as they should be

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River in Flood

Last weeks rain has filled the river to the brim and any ideas of one last grayling trip have been dashed…. But a great afternoon to start preparing the March newsletter..


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Frome update

As keeper, I have to admit that I am guilty of neglecting the river during the month of January, whilst my family and I jetted off to Australia to visit my Brother and his family. During our visit, I was fortunate enough to spend a little of the time fishing and was lucky enough to catch a sizable Salmon Trout, together with a handful of somewhat smaller fish !

Down Under

On our return, it was apparent by the amount of water flowing through the Frome Valley that January had been a particularly wet month for everyone. Firstly, I ventured to our lower water to check the work carried out at the end of last year. I was somewhat relieved to find the riffles in fine order, the willow flow defectors standing strong and our neighbours revetment holding its own ! The only bad news is that the force of water had blown the hatch at Whitfield out of operation, rendering our hatchery box with the lowest survival rate yet.

Some of the colour has now dropped out of a still very high River Frome, leaving it still turbulent and making fishing tricky to say the least. These levels are very promising for the coming season and if the growth of ranunculas is on-par with last year, we could have a fabulous season ahead of us all. Much of the pre-season tidying is more than well underway and I must say that the River Cerne looks particularly tempting, if only there could be a chance of a Grayling or two !

Gascoyne Bridge – Snowdrops

We have some dates for your dairies

Work Party – Saturday 10th March – 9am – Tree clearing on the Stinsford

Work Party – Saturday 12th May – 9am – Flow deflectors at Whitfield

Social – Friday 13th July – 6pm – River picnic with The Frome, Piddle and West Dorset Fisheries Association

Social – Date to be arranged subject to tides – Early morning fly fishing for bass !

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Grayling Fishing

The Managing Committee would like all grayling fishermen to complete a catch returns and it will be sent out with the March Newsletter.

This is to gain information such as areas fished, numbers caught, numbers of non-grayling species and methods used.

So please save your grayling catch return until you receive the questionnaire in March.

A Nice River Frome Grayling

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