The Good the Bad & the Managing Committee

Managing Committee river walk today – we walked from Lower Bockhampton along the river to Gascoyne Bridge. The River was in excellent condition throughout and a grannom was spotted on the return journey.

Thanks to Vicky for the soup.

The Good

The Bad
& the Managing Committee (& John)
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Don’t Forget

To purchase your rod licence

New licences for 2007/08 now available.

Any angler aged 12 years or over, fishing for salmon, trout, freshwater fish or eels in England (except the River Tweed), Wales or the Border Esk and its tributaries in Scotland must have an Environment Agency rod licence.

Money from the sale of licences helps to fund our work managing fisheries. If you are caught fishing without one, you are cheating other anglers and could be fined up to ÂŁ2,500.

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Brilliant News

The campers at Giffords Pool have moved on and the area has been tidied up by the council & the Police. Lets hope the campers don’t rush back and blot the English country side again!

Giffords Pool

The River Wrackle is full of water and will fish well during the first few months of the season.

River Wrackle

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First Grannom

I stopped on the by-pass bridge at Whitfield this afternoon and spotted my first grannom of the season 🙂

Spring Time
Clean Gravels and Fresh Growth

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Landing Nets

The attached are wooden scoop nets that I make and I would be interested if any of your members would be interested in buying them. The idea started as a retirement gift for a friend and as I enjoy carpentry the idea grew. They are entirely hand made from steamed beech with an oak insert (variously stained and finished with Danish Oil) and unlike others on the market are not laminate: I have successfully landed trout to 5lb in mine.

The cost would be ÂŁ30 incl p&p.

I am contactable on mobile 07805-272097 or

Thank you.
Toby Hawkey
(Waiting List)

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Stinsford side stream

Spring was definately in the air on Saturday as we grafted on this delightful piece of fishing, a little light tree trimming and lots and lots of pre season banter, I forgot my camera (again) so no before pictures, but I took one or two after pictures today.

Many thanks to Jim, Trev, Brian and Rob for their company and hard work.

I walked down in a new pair of chest waders, and walked back in my socks because the boot joins rubbed my ankles raw!

Other John was on a gourmet weekend further west and sent me some rather fine food photos, so hopefully I will catch a Trout down on this beat before he does.
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Flies for Spring

Another very wet Sunday and a few ideas for your fly box.

First on my list is of course the GRHE, these are excellent and can be used to represent the early hatching olives.


Then a few grannom patterns will be needed for the end of April when the hatches are at there best. The first pattern is made from CDC and I use the Marc Petitjean Magic Tool to produce these wonderful little flies. Demonstration of the Tool

CDC Grannom

Off course the simpler Elk Hair Caddis will work just as well; this one I have used a CDC feather for the body.

Elk Hair Caddis

If the trout are concentrating on the nymph or the emerging fly, then this size 20 gold head will be ideal and will fish just below the surface.

Size 20 Gold Head

All ready for the 2007 Season
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