I fished the Bockhampton stretch yesterday (30 April).

I was on the water before 09:00 and slowly worked my way up to the footbridge below Loud’s Mill. There were quite a few Grannom fluttering above the river and dipping the water surface which I assume to be egg laying. Very few trout were rising and throughout the morning I only saw about 4 fish rising very infrequently.

As the dry fly was offering very little in the way of sport I changed to fishing a pheasant tail nymph. This did produce some takes mainly from grayling most of which I missed but nevertheless it added some interest to the morning.

On the way back to my car at Bockhampton bridge I stopped to admire one of the new riffles when a magnificent large brown Mayfly emerged from one of the back eddies. I cannot ever remember seeing a Mayfly in April in my many years of fishing the Frome.

Jim Chalmers (Hon.Treas)

Working Party
9am Saturday 12th May
Whitfield Hatches
Flow deflectors
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We are restocking the Upper & Lower water on the Friday 4th May and we are after a couple of willing volunteers to help put them in.

Starting at 8:30 am and it will take approx 2-3 hours – if you are available, please email the Honorary Secretary ASAP…..

Team A (Gascoyne Bridge to Withy Bed)
Peter Leatherdale
Richard Miller
Paul Machin

Team B (Loud’s Mill down)
John Aplin
Dave Rabson
John Grindle

PS> the grannom are hatching and the river looks sublime..

a secret corner!
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A Fine Day

Fished today with my two good fishing buddies Glyn & Rob.

The grannom where already hatching when we arrived at 10:15 and we were quickly into fish. As the day wore on the hatch became less with fewer fish rising, but there were enough to keep us amused until 4pm…

We also saw our first swallows of the year..

A Frome Beautie
Grayling on a Dry on the Upper Water!
Jungle Stuff

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Fishing lunch

I have to admit that as a River Keeper on such a fine spring day, I pushed the mower to one side for an hour or two today. With no wind, warm sunshine and a fine hatch of grannom, the temptation of fish rising was just too much!

Poundbury Straights

After putting down at least a dozen fish prior to catching my first, I went on to catch four superbly marked wild trout, the largest being just under a pound. However, I did hook one fish that nearly took me down to the backing ! Consequently as it was a surprise, it duly took control and threw the hook back in my direction. By early afternoon, the grannom were thick and fast, but the rising fish ceased as they filled themselves up on this spring banquet.
a fine Frome fish
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Easter Sunday

Escaped for a couple of hours this lunchtime – fished the Upper Water from the Fishing Hut up. A few grannom were about and caught several small browns on the dry, plus a couple of small grayling.

Easter Sun & Lesser Celandine

I then switched to the Wrackle and caught a good brown of about 1lb which was feeding on the tail of one the deep holes..

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Grannom Time!

Plenty of grannom hatching at the moment and here’s a picture of one so you can tie your perfect imitation…
(click on the picture to enlarge)

Resting Grannom
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Light line

What a true Grannom day, warm clear and sunny, and it looks set for the bank holiday weekend.
Just a short entry, I caught a pristine fish of about a pound and a half, below Long bridge on one of John Grindles flies, the fish lept like a small Tarpon then sped off downstream, what fun, and on my new Orvis one weight.

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Louds Mill Fish Pass and River Gauging project


Louds Mill Fish Pass and River Gauging project.
The project will now enter the construction phase, which is planned for the normal summer window, starting probably early in June. The current plan is for construction to be complete by the end of that window – 28 September – in time for the autumn salmon spawning migration.

The project manager realises the need for good communication with local angling interests, so that (a) angling can be disturbed as little as possible and (b) anglers can be informed when disturbance is likely, so that they can plan their fishing accordingly.


Not the best of timing during mayfly fishing, but hopefully the disturbance will be minimal..
A big thanks goes to Charles Dutton and the
Frome Piddle & West Dorset Fisheries Association
for all their hard work..
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Opening Day 2007

HI John ,

My brother and I fished around Whitfield hatches today having a great day in the process, much better than last year. The river looked superb, clean with lots of the right type of weed, the wind abated throughout the day so that come tea time it wasn’t a hampering factor, using aftm 2 lines we managed two fish 10 and 11 inches respectively, a handful of juveniles and one tiny Grayling, no parr in evidence.

The morning wind and lack of rising fish dictated weighted nymphs, however my brothers decision to put on a greenwells in the afternoon resulted in a small fish that was rising just below the hatches. Pretty sure we saw otter tracks further upstream imagine a big domestic cats pad with five visible claws, how was your day ?


I started the season up on the Cerne in the hope to avoid the rather nasty easterly wind. Unfortunately it was blowing downstream and it was an achievement to get the fly on the water!

Only caught two very small parr; but I did bump into the lady from the CEH planting salmon fry, she will come back in the summer to electro fish them out and micro tag them.
Adam had the same idea as me and walked down to the bottom of the beat to fish back up. As I was leaving Dave & Robin came along for a quick chat.

Parked up at Loders Garage lay-by to fish up from the bridge and caught a few small trout on a nymph.

Riverkeeper John came along and he was going up to Whitfield to try out his new 3 weight.

The sun came out and the warmth must have stirred the grannom, because a small hatch started. So I switched to a dry fly and cast to a rising fish – it was a small grayling and almost immediately I had another. Walked up around the bend and a decent trout rise tucked next to the bank. I cast my GRHE Muller and a trout sucked it in – at last a bend in the rod! It wasn’t big but beautifully coloured highlighted by the spring sun. I managed another two trout before the wind forced me back to the car..

First of the Season

The GRHE Muller is based on a fly designed by Jeremy Lucas. His has a parachute hackle tied round a CDC post and is a right fiddle to tie. So I adapted it by just having a rabbit fur hackle. Seems to work as well as the original and I find easier to tie!

GRHE Muller

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