San River – Poland

Just back, but unlike the UK I had warm weather and plenty of fishing! Pioneer Flyfishing

From San River – Poland 2007

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Willow Matress

And it rained and it rained, and by chance we had just completed our fabulous willow matress, just below Whitfield Hatches, made the whole structure flood proof, when the river came up and flooded it.

(I hope the weather is a little kinder for John G fishing in Poland this week)
Perfect, lots of silt being deposited into all this new woody structure.
One or two Mayfly about today and a few large Sedges, no fish, no sun and no vis for the fish, lots of coloured water after the last two days rain, I feel that we might be out of action for a day or two, but this bonus top up will certainly benefit the river over the next few months….
Good job that the mower worked over time at the weekend , sorry Adam for disturbing your peace!!!
Adding lots of cut willow to the matress in a rising river

Just finished wiring the structure as the water came up

Willow work on a smaller scale above the hatches two years ago

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Angler’s Conservation Association

I have just received the ACA annual report through the post and this is one organisation that all anglers should be members of.

As Members of the Dorchester Fishing Club you are entitled to a reduced subscription, saving you £8 a year – so join now and help our precious rivers…

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Whitfield Hatches

What a wonderful evening for a stroll along the river, I just wish I had taken my hay fever tablet before I left!

The willow mattress is coming along well and will soon be filled in with live willow and woody debris. This will slowly collect silt during the floods and will once again become a solid bank.

From Dorchester Fishing Club Photographs
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Vaclav’s Trip


Nice to see you on the river and that photo on the blog. The blue-winged olives never materialised in the end, but we had some nice trout and a grayling as we moved on up.

Vaclav had dreamed all his life of fishing the dry fly on an English chalkstream, but never thought he would have the chance. He thought I’d have to lend him a tweed jacket to fish in, but I said we now wear them only at the AGM. He lives near the Slovak border, and when his car broke down the day before we were due to fly, and then British airways cancelled our flight, it looked like he might never make it. It all came good in the end and his first fish was a good sized wild trout on the lower water – see the smile on his face

Here’s a picture of that rogue goldfish heading merrily upstream,

and also one of Vaclav showing his Czech nymphing skills with a plump grayling on the lower water,

plus an arty one, sunrise from the bridge at Lower Bockhampton.

We had a great few days of early starts and late finishes, with plenty of porridge, bacon and eggs, cream teas, ginger beer, blue vinney, cheddar, cider and ale to see us through.

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Willow Matress

We had a grand day today, starting on the willow mattress at Whitfield hatches, lots of posts driven in to the bed of the river and lots of willow woven into the front of the structure before back filling, with more willow, to the bank later in the week.

As we constructed the main line of willow weaving you could see a change in flow, with the Trout already taking up new their new lies, yet again a step forward in habitat improvement, we were fortunate to have the company of Mayfly, huge Sedges, Olives and rising fish, and not an angler in sight.
Working with Willow, nothing like satisfaction…
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Summer Evening Fish

After a meeting to discuss our stand at the Dorset County Show, it was time to go fishing.. We are still after a few volunteers to meet and greet on the stand – we also need a banner (8’x2′) and enlargements of a few photographs. so if anyone can help, please email or phone me ASAP.

What a wonderful evening to be out and it was great fun watching trout chasing mayfly spinners as they attempted to lay their eggs.

Yes mayfly are still about, I guess there must still be a trickle hatch during the day and the trout are still fully switched onto a spinner pattern.

Walked up beyond the Withy Bed and bumped into Doug who was sharing his rod with his friend & guest Vaclav. They had been having fun on the Lower Water with the big grayling down there. We talked until we noticed the clouds of BWO’s, time to start fishing!

From Dorchester Fishing Club Photos

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Time spent following a passion, sharing it in a brief moment when passing another angler, priceless!
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