Evening Rise – At Last!

I fished the Bockhampton stretch last night. Thanks to the recent bad weather and strong winds it was the first time that I have been out in the evening since early June.

The trout started to rise after 2030 and it was the usual problem of trying to be in the right places at the right time to make the most of the remaining daylight. The sport was fairly fast and furious.

I landed 4 stock fish and one wild trout of about 3/4 lbs. What I found interesting was that while the stock fish were in reasonable condition they certainly had not put on any weight during their stay in the river. The fly that I used was Greenwell size 16. In my experience the Greenwell is as good a fly as any, right through the season, and no one should go on the river without a few in their fly box.

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River up and coloured

Sorry folks, but to save anyone a wasted journey, the Frome is up about 18 inches and carrying a fair amount of colour (9.00am), I will keep a close eye over the weekend, posting some good fishy news when it arrives….
5pm update, fining down a little, could be ok with a gold head in the morning…
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Norway Trip

Hi John

Just returned from a trip to the River Gaula in Norway. Conditions were absolutely spot on with rain when we arrived, but the salmon hadn’t read the script and only a few arrived from the fjord to our beats. The gillies were looking pretty mystified about it all and are hoping it’s just a blip in the cycle.

I did manage to connect with one of about 11 pounds – a tiddler by Gaula standards – see photo attached. Plans are already being made for next year’s trip, but in the meantime I shall enjoy the more reliable qualities of our waters!

Best regards
Richard Miller

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Fishing is Still Good….

John, a great three hours above Whitfield hatches.

Three of us were fishing, Dave a guest had 12 fish up to a pound all caught on a Wickhams and rated it the best dry fly fishing he had ever done, my brother Ben caught his pb brownie at 36 cms on a black sedge and I had a beautiful 11’’ wild fish plus two fish just under 36 cms both blue spots as was my brothers fish, though this in no way reflected the superb fights we enjoyed.

My fish were caught on fat G+H sedges. We all experienced the same thing, some rising fish, some having to be induced. The river was in fine fettle a good height, with just a slight hint of colour.

Nick Assirati

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If you wondering how the Frome looks after the chaos of the flash floods and swollen rivers in the Midlands – well it’s crystal clear and looks perfect…….

A Frome Trout
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Firstly my thanks go to Simon Johnson for completing a fantastic new fence, upstream of Bockhampton bridge, now completing our lower water project.

Just for a change we had a drop of RAIN.

Tony Medley kindly donated us a new sign after our river picnic last friday, I put it up today and hopefully it will last.

Thanks Tony!!

And the news we have all been waiting for….. The Environment Agency have started the fish pass at Louds Mill…..

Let us charge our glasses!!!

I ventured out this evening and was greeted by a coloured and cold river. Nothing stirred except for a small grayling and a trout, both caught on dry fly.

Will there be an evening rise this year – has anyone enjoyed a fall of BWO – I would be interested to hear..
John G.

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Another Balmy Summers Day!

Yes we are all wishing for one, but it was yet another wet Sunday; although there was one markable difference to previous Sundays – No Wind!

Fished the Upper Water, the river is still a nice breakfast tea colour; but nothing stirred on the surface so I attached a size 16 gold head and greased my leader to within 3 feet of the fly. Fishing the faster water I was soon catching fish, including a lot of grayling.

Fished for 1 1/2 hours and I was so engrossed with it all I hadn’t notice I was now completely soaked through from the rain!! Time for home and a mug of hot chocolate 🙂

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River Picnic

We had a very enjoyable evening on our lower water, looking at all the works, everyone was impressed with the new riffles and there were lots of fish rising, which confirms the success of this habitat improvement project.

We finished off with a bite to eat but left about 8.30 due to some more unexpected RAIN!!!!
Smiles all round
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The fencing of the lower water began today, the last project to complete our lower water works!

The contractors are at present putting in the large straining posts, up to the cattle drink approximately half way up the beat.

The final chapter of a great project, and a huge thank you to all involved along the way…
Easier than putting them in by hand…
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River Picnic

At last the weather seems to be perking up a little, dont forget our river picnic, with the Frome Piddle crew on friday 13th, at Bockhampton, just bring a picnic, please come and join us for a fab evening of chalk stream chit chat.

Lots of chalk stream chit chat….

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