Ah that’s better!

Got to the river at 19:30 and had a quick chat with Perry who has been having some fantastic evening and morning fishing this summer.

I left him to fish the bend up to the bridge and I started above; not a lot moved until the sun dipped below the trees. First a single rise and slowly this increased into fish rising as far as the eye could see. I fished with my bushy GRHE which the fish took well and I had a perfect evenings fishing, until I lost my fly in a tree and it was then too dark to tie on another….

Next stop the Dorset County Show Saturday & Sunday, hope to see you all there….
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Sad loss

I must say the River looks fantastic at the moment, and I recommend you all make the most of the rest of the season….

On a less cheerful note I had a phone call from one of my river watcher friends early this morning, to report a dead dog Otter just up from Greys bridge, so I woke the rest of my family and went to photograph the poor thing, what a sad sad loss, obviously been hit by a car in the early hours….
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Perfect Summers Day

A perfect summers day, well except for the wind, the rain and the cold!

Fished the Upper Water in the hope of finding some shelter and a few fish moving. The River looked great and as I started to tackle I could see a few fish rising – but, to what I just couldn’t see.

First I tried a size 18 GRHE and after a good few casts realised that they weren’t interested in that. So I tied on a shuttlecock style fly, it’s a very simple pattern and one I used with great success in Poland; olive thread and a small bunch of CDC. This worked straight away and I had a very pleasant & wet afternoon working my way back to my car, with plenty of trout and grayling…

Shuttlecock Fly
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Dorset County Show

Many thanks to John Pritchard (brother of Doug) for producing the artwork for a new Club sign… http://www.indigocoms.com/

The Sign’s Have Been Made

The Club has been offered a stand at this years Dorset County Show on 1st & 2nd September. We will be part of the country sports area, promoting the Club’s 130 year association with the River Frome.

We can show pictures of all our work improving the habitat, history of the Club, fly tying & casting demonstrations, plus river life (ie. bugs & beasties!) etc.

We have ideas, we have a date and now we need a few volunteers! Please help if you can; you don’t have to be an expert fly tier or entomologist to help.


Fly Casting Demonstration
John Aplin/Tony King

Robin Ayles
Doug Pritchard
Richard Miller
Rod Crane

Fly Tyer
John Grindle


Fly Casting Demonstration
John Aplin/Tony King

Peter Leatherdale (Morning)
Doug Pritchard
Richard Miller (Afternoon)
Tony Trickey

Fly Tyer
John Grindle

This is a chance to show the public that fishermen do not just catch fish, but also care and nurture the rivers that they fish.

Please contact The Honorary Secretary by email or by phone – ASAP –

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Fishing again

We had our fair share of heavy showers today, I managed to avoid most of them, including when I sneaked up to Poundbury at about 8pm.
Not a huge amount happening, but come 8.30pm a completely different picture emerged, lots of fly and lots of rising fish, in an erie light caused by the dark rain clouds.
I tucked myself in under the right hand bank and quietly fished my way up, using a small white sedge, and to my amazement went on to release ten wild fish one of which was over the majical 2lb mark……. By 9.30 it was much to dark to fish but you could here them rising both up stream and down stream of where I sat, with a grin on my face!!!

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Evening fishing

At last with most of the beats under control after our long wet spell, it was an evenings fishing that was well over due.

I took my daughter down to Bockhampton, just as we were setting off Scott Rice from Kingcombe Aquacare turned up to borrow a travel rod for a week (makes a change from electro fishing), so tagged along to take a few pictures.

When we arrived Perry Adams was making his way upstream so we gave him a half mile head start.

Sneaking about at dusk…

By about 8.30pm there was fish rising everywhere, lots of olive spinners, a few sedges, I did manage to get one fish on a small sedge, a great night (libs got stung by a bee when playing with the himilayian balsam!!) but went on to cast her first fly……

Shared memories…

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Evening Rise II

After the fun of the previous evening’s fishing I could not resist another frantic 45 minutes. Again I went down to the Bockhampton stretch arriving at 2000. Nothing really happened until 2040 when the trout started to rise very strongly.

They were so intent on taking the small flies that were on the water that nothing seemed to put them off. Not even the commotion of catching and fish just a few feet away. It was a kind of duffer’s 45 minutes until the fading light made fishing just too difficult.

Towards the end the my biggest problem was to be able to see well enough to unhook the trout. I returned 5 stock fish and one wild trout. Unlike the previous evening some of the stock fish were of a good size and they appeared to be thriving after three months in the river.

One fish had a very nasty cut on its shoulder. Again the size 16 Greenwell was rarely refused.



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