Month: September 2007

Electric Fishing

We spent the day doing our annual fish survey, counting our Trout population and sending our Pike off to a new home. A big thank you to Rod Crane for spending the day counting from the bank, data available once sorted…. Also a big thank you to Scott, Matt, George, and Matt from Kingcombe Aquacare …


The riffle project is a great success and is nearly a year old…. We will be electric fishing on the lower water on Friday, so if your casting a fly about I would head upstream of Blue Bridge…. Above… And below….

Not quite the last evening rise?

John Went to the upper water last night, found the Wrackle water-level nearly up to winter levels because of the greenery – silly me, thinking I could just walk across dry shod to the main river at the end of a dry spell in September! Hooked and lost one good Wrackle fish in one of …

Last Evening Rise?

Fished last night in some near perfect weather, with plenty of fly life about, until the temperature dipped and it then all went very quiet! Upper WaterLooking Good

Reverend Filleul

This extract is taken from a record kept by the vicar of All Saints Church in Dorchester Dorset, written on September 11, 1907. The Reverend Filleul was fishing the waters of the Dorchester Fishing Club, where he was a member from the late 1800’s until his retirement in 1918. In the year of his death, …

Waiting List

At the recent Dorset County Show I was asked many times where you all are on the waiting list. So it has been decided to publish the list on the Fishing Club web site so you can all see your position. (We have only show initials to hide you from any prying eyes!) Any queries …

Last of the big Willow

The last limb of the huge Willow between the railway bridge and fisherman’s hut finally split a week or so ago. The branches in the river forced the water to scour out a rather fine lie for a large wild fish, keep your eyes open…… Tony fish spotting… Tree cleared….

River Inspection

Just back from an evenings fishing with John, it wasn’t electric, but John had a fish on a daddy long legs pattern.. John watches his fly

A golden nights fishing

Time for home

Dorset County Show

Huge thanks to Peter, Tony, Richard, Robin, Rod, Doug & Tony, especially to all our visitors who hopefully all enjoyed our leeches and the star of the show – My Newt! (yes it was small!!) Not forgetting John A. for all this enthusiasm and bacon & egg sandwiches!! John’s Blog Friday Any Ideas? Where’s this …