Gravel washing

The last days gravel washing at Whitfield Hatches, just in time for any spawning Salmonids to make the most of, we were lucky with the weather for the whole project now it can rain and rain so our Salmon and Sea Trout can run up.

Many thanks to the EA for funding the gravel washing for another year, and may we all continue our quest in helping the Frome Salmon.

We took a short break for lunch and had a look to see how the willow flow deflectors we built back in May were working, check out the short video…..

Can you please report any MINK sightings to me….

Jet washing those riffles…

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First Grayling Trip

A nice overcast damp day, perfect for my first grayling trip of the year and a chance to try a lethal method of grayling fishing – Duo Style!

You first tie on a a dry fly (I tend to use a parachute and colour the post red, so it is easier to see as it bounces down the riffles), then tie approx. 70cm of leader onto the bend of the hook (works fine with barbless hooks) and finally tie on a small size 16 gold head pheasant tailed nymph – Duo Style (aka New Zealand Style)

Parachute Fly

A battered Gold Head Pheasant Tail

The dry fly acts primarily as a bite indicator, but you will also catch a good number of fish on it!

I fished a few riffles and had a hectic couple of hours fishing, the grayling really liked the combination of flies, with some taking the dry, but the majority taking the nymph..

First Grayling of the day
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More self seeding Alder trees.
River looks fantastic, may I suggest a little light Grayling fishing….
New under keeper…

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Cinderella Chalk Stream Project

Today I attended a practical day on the River Frome to help promote the Cinderella Chalk Stream Project, which is a partnership between the Wild Trout Trust, Environment Agency & English Nature. Their aim is to initiate partnership projects to improve the conservation status of the less well know, but equally import chalk rivers, which the River Frome is one. (click here for more details)

I also gave a presentation on our river restoration work, especially the work we completed last year on the Lower Water. The day was very successful, with many good ideas and ended with a practical demonstration of work on the Muckleford Estate water.

During the morning I was given three small flies by an ex member Tony, ones that he had been catching some good grayling & trout on..

Tony’s Tungsten Bead Nymph

With only a few days of the season left and with it being a very pleasant autumn day, it was not long before I was parked at Gascoyne Bridge tackling up for my last trip of the season.. First I tried GRHE and caught several grayling, but there wasn’t enough surface activity so I switched to one of Tony’s flies and immediately I started to catch fish, including two very nice trout of 14 inches. I continued on for another hour enjoying the sun and thinking – not long now until the 1st April 2008!

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End of Season

With the end of the season fast approaching it’s time to think about your catch returns, AGM’s and Committee Meetings.

Please do not send me your catch returns until until you have received the October Newsletter, which will be delivered to you during the second week of November. Apoligies for it being so late, but October suddenly appeared without me noticing!!!

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Salmon & Trout Auction

Dear John

As promised, please find below my report for Saturday 6th Oct.

I had a superb days fishing with 18 fish caught on a size 14 tungsten bead seals fur nymph. I fished the stretch between Gascoyne bridge and the next railway bridge. The river is superb with pools riffles and gravel bars giving a varied environment for the fish.

Brown trout caught numbered 11 best 13.5 in, Grayling caught 4 best 10 in, Salmon parr 3 best 4in.

Thank you very much for offering this ticket in the Salmon & Trout auction as without this opportunity this day would not have been possible.

Martin Small

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Evening Walk

What a beautiful day and after being stuck in an office all day, it was time for a walk along the river.

Parked up at Whitfield Hatches and walked upstream spotting a few rising fish as I went. It was there that I bumped into Keith who had been fishing the afternoon. He had a very pleasant afternoon catching rising grayling & trout on a GRHE (what else would you use!). He also said that he had been chatting to a bird enthusiast who had been watching a pair of kites and Keith saw them as well… Now this is defiantly worth an excuse to fish the Upper Water before the close of the season…..I also checked the improvement work at Whitfield Hatches and the willow mattress installed this summer is doing a grand job..

January 2007

This Evening

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