Many hands, make light work

We had an early start and what a magnificent morning greeted us as we made our way across the water meadows.

Our task for the day was to remove the fence above 10-Hatches, ready for the contractors in March to come in and erect a spanking new fence, allowing fishermen plenty of room to fish this wonderful stretch.

Old Fence

It wasn’t long be the gang were hard at work, some removing the wire staples, some pulling up the posts and the rest rolling the barbed wire.

The Gang
Doug, ace staples remover

After an hours hard work everyone welcomed a break and a hot cup of Nick’s tea.

Richard the master roller!

With so many helpers the fence was down after 3 hours hard work and now it was time for one of John’s special curries.

Hon.Treasurer completes the 10-Hatches Challenge
First we enjoyed starters, popadoms & pickles
John’s Special Curry
John enjoys his curry
10-Hatches ferry

HUGE thanks to John for his curry, Peter, Jim, Adam, Doug, Richard, Nick for his hot tea, Dave, Robin & Joe.
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10-Hatches Fence & Working Party Date

Today we got agreement from the farmer to replace the fence above 10-Hatches. The new fence will provide easier access to this lovely stretch.. Thanks to Richard & John for their help..

Saturday 16th February – Removal of fence @ 10-Hatches – curry lunch provided
Contact John Aplin for more details –

Although getting there was a challenge!!

The River in fine shape
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