Bass Fishing

Please come Bass fishing on Friday 6.00pm Ferry Bridge, a fab tide, and lots of Bass and Mackerel about bring your spinning and Fly gear, ring me on 07889 680464.
Look forward to seeing you all.

Mackerel, kind of on the fly….

A little variation to our chalk stream fishing, lots happening on the river, but towards dusk….

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Almost a great evening’s fishing!

Weather was perfect as I made my way 1/2 mile downstream to fish the evening rise back to the car. It was then I realised I had forgotten my glasses and spent the next 30 minutes trying to thread my fly on! Thankfully I was successful in the end and fished on up with a mayfly spinner.

Plenty of fish were still hungry for the fly, but as dusk started I lost the fly in a tree, no chance to tie on another – so it was time to head home…

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Proposed New Housing Development

Yes when I first heard the Duchy were planning to develop the Red Cow Farm, St. George’s Road I was not surprised, but I was very worried on how it would affect the River. So yesterday John Aplin and I attended a public consultation exhibition to chat with the landscape architect.

First sight of the plans and what a relief, the field next to the river will be used for extra allotments and by extending Lubbecke Way to join St. Georges Road will be the main route to the tip and industrial estates. (map of the area)

We then discussed with the Duchy of Cornwall representative & their landscape architect on how we could improve this length of the river. It was a very productive hour and it was agreed (EA permission required) to add a couple of riffles and to re-profile the banks, just as we did on the Lower Water. Plus to convert the existing cattle drink into a children’s dipping pool!

What a great result for the Club and for the River – more I’m sure to follow on this.

Also received a few more photographs on the fish pass development at Loud’s Mill….

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Fish pass

Great to see the Louds Mill fish pass in full swing, I visited the site today, had a look at works so far, and was shown the drawings, very impressive!

All go at the Mill…

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Louds Mill Fish Pass Construction

Finally the work to build the Loud’s Mill Fish Pass has started:- here’s a short update from the EA.

“The construction works for the fish pass at Louds Mill weir started yesterday, with the work scheduled to be completed in 9 weeks. This week will see the site being set up and they are due to start breaking into the left hand concrete abutment next week, this will be done in the dry.

The design of the scheme will see a lot less in-river works than last year so there should be considerably less disturbance to the channel.

The contractors are fully aware of the sensitive nature of the area. They are happy for people to observe the work going on, but have understandably asked that their site boundaries are respected. I will arrange some formal site visits for us all once the significant construction stages are reached.”

Report by
Andy Martin
Fisheries Technical Specialist
Environment Agency
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Grayling Genetics Update

This is a brief e-mail to inform you where we are at with the grayling genetics project and to thank you all for your involvement so far. To date, we have collected over 700 samples and these will be sent over to Bangor University today. A post doc will be undertaking the lab analysis work beginning in July.

As I see things, we have completed the fin clip collection from the following rivers (unless you know different?):
Annan, Avon (Hampshire), Welsh Dee, Derwent (Derbyshire), Derwent (Yorkshire), Dorset Frome, Dove, Earn, Itchen, Test, Ure & Wylye.

There are rivers where sampling is part complete (approximate number of samples in brackets):
Aire (17), Eden (39), Pickering Beck (13), Ribble (20), Severn (39), Welsh Wye (14), Wharfe (21)

The final category is rivers where a small number of samples have been taken or these are important grayling fisheries which should be included if possible:
Clyde, Driffield West Beck (5), Hodder, Irfon (6), Kennet, Lambourn, Tweed, Teviot, Vyrnwy

With the new grayling angling season just a week away (in England & Wales), we could do with anglers getting out fishing for grayling in rivers in the second and third categories – otherwise we’ll miss the opportunity to get this catchments incorporated in the project. For those who kindly volunteered to collect samples or co-ordinate collection in the incomplete catchments, would you please e-mail or telephone me soon to tell me if you need vials or perhaps additional anglers to help achieve the 50 fin clips by the end of July / mid August. Otherwise I’m happy to let you complete the task. If you feel there is little chance of collecting the 50 samples, please call me to discuss.

Cheers, Rich

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A day of rest

What a great day, Libs and I set off early to sort out our Bee problem on the lower water, and later in the day the three of us set off back to the lower water for a spot of pond dipping, and a cast or two for me….

DFC, how lucky are we…..

We saw one from the bridge.

Peter caught more than one, from the same spot….

Even the Keeper caught one today!

Great to see a few of our rods out for a few hours, Mayfly and a fish or two.
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