Evening Rise

Good to see a couple of day ticket gentlemen enjoying the river, although they could have done without the battle with the wind this morning!

I sneaked over to a Lilliput sized stream and found a Gulliver size trout (the evening rise didn’t materialise)

Lilliput Stream
but a Gulliver sized trout!
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Guest Ticket

It was nice to see you again last Tuesday and I’m emailing to say how much Andy and I enjoyed our Guest Ticket day on the Frome. For your records I had 1 Trout and one Grayling and Andy had one Trout and also a Grayling I believe…..Interestingly (and sadly) we both hooked and lost a number of very good fish……we put it down to being new to the water !!!!

Frustrated by my lack of skill I tied on a huge Mayfly pattern (well summer is late this year!!!!!) just as an experiment, or perhaps out of desparation ….and cast at the top of a slow moving deep pool just up from the lower limit ….and bang …….a massive and explosive take almost as the fly hit the water….bent my 6’6” greys streamflex in half for about 15 seconds whilst it stripped the reel and then I lost it…….so I believe I have tangled with one of your leviathans….I know where it lies so I shall return!!!!

Thanks again for your friendly welcome and conversation and hopefully it will not be to long before I’m on the Frome again. I’d put myself on your waiting list but looking at the length of it I’ll either be dead or getting a telegram from the Queen by the time I got to the top of it!!! You’re very lucky to be able to care for, and fish, such a beautiful river.

All the very best, Kelvin

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The CLA Game Fair

Two Members Tony & Tim enjoying the Game Fair today. Here they are trying some of Charles’s wonderful Marryat rods…….

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It’s There!!!

We now have a Larinier fish pass in place at Louds Mill… Congratulations to all that contributed to this, especially Charles Dutton and the Committee of the Frome, Piddle & West Dorset Fisheries Association

Report by
Andy Martin
Fisheries Technical Specialist
Environment Agency
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Even in the Rain

The visitors from Prague did very well last week during Wednesday’s amazing rain storms. Doug even managed a trout on a dry fly while Tomas looked on in amazement!

Doug and a ‘wet’ trout
Tomas wonders how!

Doug also had a good catch in Cape Cod in June

Striped Bass
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You will all be pleased to know that the river is back to normal, safe to make a journey from however far away you live, even Prague!

But….. they do give a drop of rain on Thursday!

I must go fishing, today…….

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Louds Mill Fish Pass Construction

Up until the middle of the week the programme was running to schedule with the concreting of the walls complete and all the formwork removed.

Dawnus were then due to install the formwork for the concrete slope that the fish pass will sit on and pour the concrete. However the severe rainfall and associated high river levels have meant that access to the site for the last 2 days has been restricted to foot traffic (and this has been difficult), therefore this work has had to postponed until the river levels drop (expected to be next week, given current weather forecasts).

On Tuesday we went and inspected the fish pass at the fabricators in Melksham. The construction of the fish pass tray, baffles and the welding work is of excellent standard and we are satisfied with the quality of the work that they have produced. The attached pictures show the whole fish pass and a close up of the front baffles which are the most critical to its performance (yes, it is as big as it looks).

Report by
Andy Martin
Fisheries Technical Specialist
Environment Agency
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July floods

Yesterday I spent the morning wading about in my chest waders, all the paths on the lower water had at least 10 inches of water, and in places as much as three feet, this is the highest I have ever seen the river in July!

I always carry at least two life jackets on board!

When chatting to John G about the weed we decided that the river needed a little flush through, well here it is, only on a grander scale than we ever imagined……

Its the first time water has reached the fishing hut……

It will be a few days before the river is fishable again, its not any lower today, I will keep my eye on the levels and inform you likewise.

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River Wylye

John Aplin & I spent a very pleasant evening up on the River Wylye (Wilton Fly Fishing Club) attending an open evening to show off their recent river improvement works.

This was part of the STREAM Project’s efforts to restore the river for wildlife such as Atlantic salmon and the rare brook lamprey. The river was in serious need of help, with repeated dredging over the years making it unsuitable for the wildlife that traditionally lives in our local chalk rivers. (http://www.streamlife.org.uk/)

Working with the Wilton Estate and Wilton Fishing club, STREAM set about livening up the Wylye by putting back a more natural river channel. The work was finished in November last year and fish immediately moved in to spawn in the rejuvenated reaches.

This was a joint project with many partners involved, including Dr Allan Frake from the Environment Angency, who has been involved with many of our own projects. So it wasn’t surprising to see similar methods used to successfully restore this once canal like stretch..

John Aplin, Dr Allan Frake & Peter Hayes (Dipping Guru)

The evening was open to all, especially local residents, which is something we must do when we complete our next project. Many thanks to all those from the Stream Project, Environment Agency, Wilton Fly Fishing Club (especially Fran and those wonderful cakes!)

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40 years now….

We had a very enjoyable visit, and although there was no great rise, spinners from 4.00 to 6.00, and sedges from 7.00 to 10.00 kept us busy. I had a beauty of 18″ 300yds up from Bockhampton bridge at 9.45, safely returned.

I have known the DFC water for over 40 years now, and can just remember my grandfather soaking his gut casts! It is all too easy to remember the old days as better than now. While I have always loved the Frome at Dorchester, I genuinely thought yesterday that it goes from strength to strength, and I have never seen it look better, particularly the Lower water. Certainly my Grandfather’s fishing diaries would suggest that the fish are bigger now! But I feel the main improvement is with the balance struck between your beautifully mown paths, and the wild areas and trees being allowed to encroach in places to provide a very mixed habitat. Half the warbler population of Dorset must have been singing in the reed beds last night.

Please can you send me the necessary papers to get my name on the waiting list? There can’t be many better places to fish, and after my visits this year, a four hour round trip seems a small price to pay!

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