Month: August 2008

Ferry bridge

We had a good turn out for the DFC Bass trip, the fishing was a little slow and a little crowded due to the fine weather and a huge fishing competition on the world famous Chesil bank, but we were blessed with a fine sunset. We have the finest coast in the whole world……


Conditions were against us this evening with a nasty on shore breeze, which stirred things up a bit too much. So we all fished the fast flowing tide at Ferry Bridge with very little success! a good sized dry fly!Robin fly fishing

Bass fishing

The forecast is very kind, the tide is perfect, so come and join a few of us for a spot of Bass fishing on Saturday evening, 4.00pm ferry bridge car park, just bring your fly gear or spinning gear, its been on the blog for a while, so no excuse, please bring the family for …

Loud’s Mill fish pass

My first visit since the completion of the fish pass and very impressive it is too. Here is a short video clip of the pass and notice how slow the water is as it reaches the bottom – brilliant.. and I spotted this big brown in the shallows!

It Flows!

Pictures of the fish pass flowing properly for the first time are attached and I’m really pleased with how it looks. Dawnus will be pulling off site by the end of next week, having completed a superb piece of work. RegardsAndy MartinFisheries Technical Specialist

Loud’s Mill fish pass

Well the project is very much in its final stages with the majority of works having been completed. Dawnus have spent the week finishing off various pieces of work including, the fitting of the mesh flooring over the fish pass, installing the lighting box for the video equipment and fitting out the new kiosk. This …