My catch return for Sat 27 Sept.

Total of 7 brown trout ranging from hand size to approx 12 inches. Fished from Loders garage up in the morning 1 small fish under the trees before the pool on nymph another the same from the pool and did manage to spot and raise a large brown trout from Giffords pool.

Intended to return in the late afternoon for a shot at it unfortunately some local lads had swimming practice in the pool. Fished upstream from the bypass to Whitfield. What superb water. Found some fish taking had lovely afternoon, very challenging as the fish were spooked at the slightest disturbance.

Very enjoyable day on some lovely water. Should have got my name down 15 years ago when I first looked at the water.

Jed Hemmings

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Spot the angler!

What a perfect autumn day and just had to go fishing…..As I stepped into the river, I nearly disturbed another angler who was well tucked away amongst the foliage..

Spot the angler!
From Dorchester Fishing Club 2008

There was a hatch of small pale wateries and a few fish started moving, but all where very picky and I tried several imitations until I found one that worked. It’s a great little in-the-film CDC emerger tied on a size 20 hook. The pattern comes from Ed Engle’s excellent book “Tying Small Flies” which is ideal for rivers such as the Frome.

I fished on up and this little fly accounted for a nice 16″ grayling and countless 8 inch trout, a lovely afternoons fish with warm weather and little wind….
From Dorchester Fishing Club 2008
In-the-Film CDC Emerger
Hook: Size 20
Thread: colour to match the natural
Shuck(optional): Barred mallard or wood duck
Abdomen: The tying thread
Thorax: Peacock herl

Wing: CDC tied down wing style
From Dorchester Fishing Club 2008
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Out of the shadows

Hi John

Had a couple of hours on the lower water on Monday morning, and also found the fishing difficult, although the weather was OK and the river valley looked beautiful.

One tiny trout was enthusiastic enough early on, and I hoped for some larger ones to follow, but it was tough going after that with not a sign of a rise anywhere. I considered making my way home, but then spotted a decent looking fish moving out of the shadows and I assumed I’d spooked it. The trout moved upstream but still in view, tempting me to have a last go at it. It took the fly immediately and stuck fast. Thrashing angrily to the net it turned out to be a lovely fish of pleasing proportions, and in excellent condition, and after a quick photo I slipped it back.

Out of the shadows
From Dorchester Fishing Club 2008

Great to be out on the river again after such a dismal summer, but I’m afraid my rod average will be well down this season.

All the best
Will Bown

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Cold water

I think Jim wrote a fine summary of the state of our beloved river Frome tonight.

The river is particularly cold after last weeks rain hence the fishing being a little on the difficult side, but please get out there and try fishing with a Daddy Long legs.

I found time today to put up a rod and fished the lower water after Jim, bumping into Dave Rabson and his guest, a warm autumn sunshine and a cool easterly breeze, the fishing was slow but Anthony caught one on a Daddy…..

And relax……

Well done mate……

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Little Success

Given the ideal weather conditions I thought that it was about time I brushed the cobwebs off my rod and got out on the river. I fished the lower water in the morning and the upper water in the afternoon.

The river looked in great condition. I have never seen it so full in September. John Aplin has done a great job on the banks and it was a pleasure to stroll along the riverside paths. Despite what seemed like good conditions with a light easterly wind for easy casting, I did not find the fish to be in a very cooperative mood. During six hours on the river I only saw three fish rise and none were interested in my dry fly.

I did try fishing a goldhead pheasant tail nymph on the lower water hoping that I might interest the odd grayling as well as the trout but all to no avail. There have been no recent fishing reports from other members on the blog and I assume that not many have been out fishing or that they have had little success.


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River update

Friday evening the river was running clear, during the night we must of had a huge cloud burst, causing the Frome to colour up, so apologies for today’s information, as long as it does not rain again Sunday will be fine!

A little colour, but fining down……

The Lower water after topping…..

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Rivers and things

The forecast for today would appear to be sunny and warm ! A lot of the colour has dropped out of the river making way for a good weekend of fishing. I would therefore suggest that we all make the most of it as there are only about four weeks left!

One of our rods lost a rather fine deer horn “priest” back in the summer, which was kindly handed in by the swan herding folk. I can’t remember who this belonged to. Any clues, please call (John on 01305 257490) .

A date for your dairies. A work party on the willow at the Withy Bed under Poundbury – 9.00am Friday 7th November “please bring waders” …..

Will Bown kindly sent me this picture of a fine fish he caught a few weeks ago. As is the case with a lot of anglers, it has been a while since last visiting the river due to the weather. If you have any tales or pictures to share with us, please send me an e mail.

Nice Fish…….

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Dorset County Show

It was very muddy three days work. Thanks for all those that helped – especially John & Elliot for all their hard work and without them the show wouldn’t have gone on!

The MUD!
From Dorchester Fishing Club 2008
Liberty tying her first fly
From Dorchester Fishing Club 2008
Richard & Elliot
From Dorchester Fishing Club 2008
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