Crikey it’s cold!

Just back from a quick (crikey it’s cold) grayling fish and to try out some bugs using some new hot pink & orange tungsten beads.

Fished a couple of well known grayling runs; the first was too exposed to the elements and I quickly numb fingered headed to a sheltered spot. This was a lot better and I was soon landing a lively 12″ grayling, caught on a hot orange bug. I caught about 5 more fish and decided to try a hot pink version. This didn’t seem to interest the grayling as much as the orange one, so I switched back and caught a few more fish.

The rain was now falling and the wind had found me even in this sheltered spot, so time to head home. But hang on there was a rise, then another, I was witnessing a small hatch of olives. I tied on a dry GRHE and caught two more grayling – by now my hands were well and truly frozen, so time to head home for a hot coffee…
See you all tomorrow night at the AGM.

From Dorchester Fishing Club 2008
Hook: Partridge fine wire Czech nymph size 16
Body: Light hare’s ear mix
Thorax: Dark hare’s ear mix
Head: Hot orange tungsten bead
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2oz Short

Today my good friend George migrated down from Liverpool for a days grayling fishing. George is one of the best grayling fishers in the country and he’s eager to catch his first UK 3lber. He has caught several over 3lb in Scottish rivers, but his best from a UK stands at 2lb 12oz from his first visit to fish the Frome in 2004.

We started early after the obligatory fried breakfast and we soon into fish which came eagerly to trotted sweet corn, no monsters but good fish up to 2lb. I then hooked into a something heaver and looked over to see that George was also hooked up to a very good fish! Unfortunately I lost my fish as I was just about to net it and I estimate it was well over 2lb…… Thankfully George still had his on, but was struggling with the fish against the strong flow, after a few abortive attempts at netting the fish, George slide it over the rim on the net and was in… We weighed the fish in the net and after a quick photo the fish was released – the weight of net & fish came to 3lb 10oz, it was now time to weigh just the net – dam it weighed 12oz, which made the fish 2lb 14oz, just 2oz short!!

From Dorchester Fishing Club 2008

We continued fishing in all the likely looking spots in an attempt to get George his 3lb fish, but the best we could manage were fish just over 2lb – I suspect George will be back soon for another go!

From Dorchester Fishing Club 2008

It was good to see Rob out with a fly rod after the winter grayling, but it’s always best to try and not forget your fly box full of nymphs!!

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The recent floods have kicked up a lot of fresh gravels and the river is clearing nicely for a spot of grayling fishing next week.

From Dorchester Fishing Club 2008
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Change of date

As you can imagine the river is out of its banks in many places after the weekends rain.

Looking at the forecast for the end of the week, I have made the decision that working in a swollen river will just too dangerous!

So if OK our Poundbury work party will be re arranged for Friday 5th December 9.00am.

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