Boxing day river walk

The perfect “Boxing Day” morning arrived with it’s frosty clear blue skies and bright low winter sunshine, not forgetting the biting easterly wind !

Meeting at Bockhampton Bridge, about a dozen of us headed off in an up-stream direction in a bid to shed a pound or two of Christmas Cheer !! With lots of “fishing chat”, it was a pleasant way to start the day …

Unfortunately, the river had a slight tinge of colour which made fish spotting more of a dream than a reality !!!

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a “Happy and Healthy 2009”.

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River Walk

A small group of Committee members and John Aplin walked the Club’s waters today to discuss a few river improvement ideas. John now has a very healthy list of exciting projects for this coming year.

From Dorchester Fishing Club 2008

We also saw 4 salmon above a redd, you can just make one out in the middle right of the photograph

From Dorchester Fishing Club 2008
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Flooded out (again)

I am fully aware of how much you were all looking forward to spending a day on the river getting wet and dirty!

I hate to disappoint you all, but due to the huge amount of rain we had in a very short time last night the river is in flood and therefore to dangerous to enter to do our willow work.

I will set another date very soon..

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AGM. 2008

The AGM. was held at the Kings Arms Dorchester and many thanks for those who turned out, it’s always good to see everyone and to exchange a few fishy tales.

One piece of good news the annual subscription has not been increased for the 2009 season, I will be sending out the minutes etc. ASAP.

(Please do not send in your cheques until you have received the December Newsletter)

John receiving 2 bottles of thanks for another successful year on the river

From Dorchester Fishing Club 2008

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