A Big Smile!

My guest Andy had heard about the huge Frome Grayling but despite many hours of helping me on the Wylye I hadn’t got round to inviting him down in the winter for a crack at them.

With a small window left in the season and the Frome fining down just in time we set off fishing a likely glide, much of the river wasn’t exactly ‘gliding’ along! but was nice and clear and he was into fish straight away, getting 4 in one spot, really chunky fish of about 1lb to 1lb 6oz.
He moved downstream when the bites stopped and my efforts nearby produced no bites so I back-tracked into his previous spot and got a cracker of 2lb 2oz.

After moving downstream there was a lengthy spell without bites, then I got one of 1lb 14oz and a real solid deep fish of 17.5″ weighing in at an incredible 3lb 2oz (see below).

From Dorchester Fishing Club 2009

Andy had the misfortune to lose his hook on the strike 50 metres upstream of me, so I called him down to fish my swim and to our astonishment he caught a very nice Grayling which on unhooking proved to have another small hook in it’s mouth, with a fresh maggot attached, yes you have guessed it, his lost fish had dropped down 50 metres and he got a second chance at it!!
We covered most of the likely looking spots and I caught no more but was very happy indeed with my 3 fish.

Andy proved himself very competent with a centre pin reel and finished the day with 17 fish, the best being on almost the last cast, a personal best of 2lb 12oz a very hard fighting male fish beating his previous best by 1oz (from the Wylye!).

A big smile covered his face as we made our back to the car”.


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Not long to go

I have to say, this past week has put a smile on every angler’s face, with the first hint of spring, carpets of Snowdrop’s and now a few Daffodils along the river banks, birds singing and a river full to the brim with crystal clear water, all looking great for this coming Trout season now only a few weeks away.

The Grayling fishing now draws to an end, what a season, un paralleled, with fish caught to well over the magic three pound mark what else do I need to say!

With great excitement for this coming season, we have been flat out on the Frome getting all those little jobs out of the way before the mowers and strimmers are out again, the Cerne looks a particular gem…..

Clearing Wolfton hatches

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Town Stream

They have started to repair the footpath that leads down from Hangman’s Cottage. The first step is to remove all the over hanging trees so they can repair this footpath, this will also have the added benefit of letting more light in and increase the weed growth.

From Dorchester Fishing Club 2009

There will be a lot more work along this stretch in the coming year……….

From Dorchester Fishing Club 2009
Photographs by Bryan Clark
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George was down again to try & land a 3lb+ grayling; conditions could not have been any better, river was full but clear – the sun was shining brightly, giving an early spring feel to the day…

From Dorchester Fishing Club 2009
But after fishing from 8am to 11am, we hadn’t landed or even had a nibble from a grayling? It wasn’t until almost midday when I winkled a grayling out from one of the more famous pools!

We moved further upstream and this seemed to be where the grayling are, three trots down resulting in three nice grayling – this was better. We fished until it was time for George to head home, we agreed it had been a good day, but not a good catching day!
From Dorchester Fishing Club 2009

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Southover Farm Water, River Piddle

The Membership is now complete and you will shortly be receiving the March Newsletter, Membership Card etc.

We have unfortunalety lost the lease on the top bit of the River Wrackle and our fishing now ends just above the old hatch at Cuckoo Pound. I have sent out a new map showing the limit of our fishing and we will mark the end of our beat to avoid confusion.

To more than compensate for that loss, your Managing Committee has secured a lease on 2/3 mile of fishing on the River Piddle, Southover Farm, Tolpuddle. This is fantastic news and to ensure we keep this magical little fishery, Members are requested to adhere to the rules as detailed in the March Newsletter.

Southover Farm Water, River Piddle
From Dorchester Fishing Club 2009
From Dorchester Fishing Club 2009
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River full, but…

The river is very full as expected, but it is now clear and very fish’able.

February Floods
From Dorchester Fishing Club 2009
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