First Day

Despite another cold snap, the first day of the Trout season has come around again, the banks are mown, the trees are trimmed and the river looks in fine form.

I will get lunch for the first angler to get one on a dry fly…..

The phone has been red hot for the last few days, tomorrow looks like a busy day, and the forecast is promising with a warm day so perhaps a chance of a few Grannom hatching, so where ever you are fishing may I wish you all tight lines for the 2009 season!

Despite spending the day on the river, a spot of tea then out for an evening walk with a keen rod, you can never spend too long down by the river!

See you tomorrow….

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Not Long

It’s not long until the April 1st and although the weather has warmed up over the past few weeks, I think action will be very slow on Wednesday…

Here are a few photographs taken during last years mayfly season by Adrian Simmons to show how the Frome will look in a month or so….

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River Wrackle

The end of our fishing at Cuckoo Pound (Gascoyne Bridge) is now marked by a grey painted post… Please do not fish upstream of this post…

Looking down stream (fishing right bank only)
Looking up stream (no fishing)
From Dorchester Fishing Club 2009
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Happy Birthday

What wonderful weather for the first day of spring and a great day to be along the river…


Today we trimmed and pruned and picked up litter from Lower Bockhampton up to Dead Mans. We then stop for lunch and a surprise birthday cake for John, before we headed to under Poundbury for more trimming & pruning…


Thanks to all involved John, Peter, Richard, Adrian, Rod, Dave & Rob..


Don’t forget if you spot some litter while you are fishing pop it in a bag and take it home – thank you…

spot John’s cake
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New Members Day 2009

Just back from a grand tour of our fishing – we saw no rising fish, just plenty of water and lots of fishing talk….

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Today is a day to tie some flies for the new season – have you ordered your fishing licence?

I have been trying to develop an effective early season grannom pattern, last years emerging pattern was great, but was a fiddle to tie, so back to the drawing board this year.

This found me drifting back to my favourite material hares ear and to this I added a soft hackle of brown partridge – this is more like it, a fly easy to tie and one that should work! — not long before I can try these out on the Piddle trout…..

Hook: Fulling Mill Easy-Eye 34642 size 16
Body: Hare’s fur
Hackle: feather from the wing or a brown partridge

From Dorchester Fishing Club 2009

To help spotting the fly on water during the early season, I have added a wing of ghost-fiber to this one..

From Dorchester Fishing Club 2009
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Working Party

There is a change of venue for Friday 20th March working party… We are switching our efforts on to the main river, because the River Piddle only requires a quick tidy up….

We will now meet at Lower Bockhampton at 9am…

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