Mind the nesting swans

I was given the opportunity to fish the Upper water on Saturday 24th., Gusty Southerly wind and quite bright with a bit of a cool edge to the wind.

Put up a dry Adams to start with above the by-pass bridge hoping to see some fish rising – no such luck. (Saw only two fish move all day) Very little fly on show so switched to a Pheasant tail nymph, lightly weighted, and moved on up searching likely looking spots.

By the time I got to the railway bridge with not so much as a sniff I started to worry! After more of the same I got to Fishermans Hut and decided to change fly to a Hare’s ear, bead head – and instant success followed. Lovely 14″ brownie and then two grayling of around 2lbs or so each plus some smaller trout – all returned. Was it the fly? Who knows, but, the results were instant and dramatic.

Interesting to see how the water has changed so much since I last visited – very strong weed growth in evidence right through. Large group of House Martins feeding strongly in the lee of tall trees – lovely to see them back.

Mind the nesting swans near fishermans hut!


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Cold winds and rising fish

I went out fairly early yesterday morning with a couple of our regular day ticket anglers, we met on the lower water at eight in a biting south westerly wind that was building as the morning went on, despite this there was a flutter of Grannom and with it a few rising fish.

So put on your thermals and go for a stroll, the upper water is the most sheltered in this SW breeze, along with the Grannom there are a few Hawthornes, failing the trout fishing there are a few Mackerel showing along Chesil beach…..

Seconds after I took this picture I cast Steves fly into the trees…..

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The Grannom are in full swing, the Trout are rising and the sun is shinning!

We have spent a little time on the particularly nice Wolfton beat, access has been improved, so when your passing wonder over and have a cast or two……

Seven foot three weight, just perfect…..

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River invertebrate monitoring for anglers

Richard Slocock and I recently attended a course run by the “Riverfly Partnership” and the “Wessex Salmon and Rivers Trust“, in fact John G and I have had our fair share of training over the last ten years in basic entomology, and I feel that now is the time to get you all on board.

As we are all aware invertebrates are valuable indicators of water quality and this course trained us in the population study of various indicator species, not only fascinating for us anglers, but more importantly, easy to do and simple to record.

Training with Dr Cyril Bennett, in the Avon valley.
(Outdoor practical)

And a little classroom work….

We are setting up a group to closely monitor the Frome, Piddle and various little local streams, with myself as coordinator (with backing and full support from the Riverfly Partnership and the Frome Piddle and West Dorset Fisheries association)

This monitoring group is going to be set up with the help of lots of anglers to help look after our rivers, its great fun for families, and kids love it!

If any of you are interested in helping out, and getting trained up can you please get in touch with me……..

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Micro Tag

Monitoring Loud’s Mill Fish Pass

Since the fish pass was finished at Loud’s Mill Gauging Weir the Environment Agency has been monitoring how well fish have been using it. One part of this work has involved the capture and tagging of brown trout from above the weir and stocking them below. This was done in mid March and we have since been monitoring these fish as they ascend the fish pass.

If you decide to take a fish home you may find a tag (see picture below) in the belly of the fish.

If you are able it would be most useful if the tag was returned to us, at the following address, along with the date and exact location of the fish’s capture. This will enable us to fully understand the fate of those fish we tagged as part of this study.

Andy Martin, Environment Agency, Rivers House, Sunrise Business Park, Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 8ST

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Enjoying the Blossom


I had my first outing on the river today. I started under Poundbury at 11.00. There were quite a few Grannom around and if you looked at the river for long enough the odd trout was rising.

Before lunch I netted 5, mostly around 8 to 10 inches long but one fish was a good 1 lb. After my sandwich at 13.00 I decided to try my luck above Whitfield Hatches and on the Wrackle.

In the event this proved to be not such a great idea. In two hours of wandering around the river bank I only saw 5 fish break the surface and the majority of those appeared to be quite small. I saw nothing moving in the Wrackle and by 15.00 even the Grannom had disappeared.

The day was one with a bright beginning and a dull end – rather like the weather. Any consistently rising fish rarely refused a size 14 GRHE but I think that the challenge was to find the rising fish rather that to use a particular fly. The river looked in good condition and it was pleasure to walk along John’s well kept paths and enjoy the blossom.


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Amazing hatch of grannom

Arrived at the river around noon to find an amazing hatch of grannom!!

But the early excitement was soon to go as I realised that there were no fish rising to this free feast… I walked up the river carefully looking for rising fish, but there wasn’t one, not even a parr. I must have walked about 1/2 mile before I found a fish that was rising, thankfully it rose to my fly and I was soon releasing a lovely wild Frome brown…

John & Ben A. came along and we sat chatting for an hour sat on Mallam’s seat.. Hang on I was meant to be fishing, so I started just below the hatches and the trout were now rising – I caught and released 3 nice trout in the space of 10 minutes…



Spring is trying it’s best to break through the chill ! Walked the whole of the Piddle beat yesterday, not a rise to be seen anywhere but saw quite a few nice fish…..

Not much doing at Bockhampton until about mid afternoon today, when there was a good grannom hatch as the sun came out. It didn’t last long but long enough to pick up a fish or two, including this nice one. Haven’t seen anyone on my travels yet !

Richard Miller

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A week into the season

Despite the sunny days and the wind coming from the SW, it has remained fairly cold, thus hampering the Grannom hatches, there has been the odd flurry, a few Olives, Hawthornes, and Daddys.

As a result of this there has been little fishing taking place, the odd rising fish, only in sheltered places.

The fishing will pick up after the rain on Friday, especially when it warms up a little next week.

Can all rods be aware of the fact that the Ten Hatches is unstable and the path leading to them is under cut with a large volume of water flowing under the path! This has been reported to the EA and I wait to here of possible solutions.

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April 1st 2009

Well I can’t imagine more perfect weather than we had today, yes the easterly wind was a little chilly in exposed areas, but out of the wind it was gorgeous.. I also hear there were a lot of other Members out enjoying the first day and John Aplin had a flick or two as well….!

Well I just had to start down on our new piece of water on the River Piddle at Southover Farm. I tied on my new grannom pattern and flicked the fly up a nice ripply run — to my complete surprise a trout rose and took the fly – my first fish of 2009 on my first cast!!

Rod Crane joined me and disappeared up to the top stretch, I continued to explore this wonderful little river finding lots of little nooks and crannies. My next fish was a lot harder to catch and it wasn’t until lunchtime that another Piddle trout took the fly.

Time now to see if the Frome trout were rising and I wasn’t disappointed – in a couple of quite corners trout & grayling were rising and took the fly with such confidence!!

A grand opening day……….

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