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Afternoon John

Fished the lower water in the morning and had a cracking time , once I fathomed out a winning fly. Size 16 para Adams grey. 4 lovely browns followed and few more missed on some lovely water in cracking country.

Tried the upper water in the late afternoon and found the fish willing again. This time a size 18 pale dun accounted for another 4 beauties. That was more than enough on some lovely water. Spotted a huge grayling up there also, he will have to wait for another day though !

All fish returned for someones else pleasure. Cracking day on cracking water, even time for a sprint by loders chased by some very , didn’t know I could hurdle a barbed wire fence, good stuff. Ill be back for some more soon.


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Czech Mates

Martin, Zdenek and Vlada are Doug’s guests over from the Czech Republic and tonight they fished the Frome. We decided to fish around 10-Hatches as only one had waders, which meant that during the evening they had to complete the 10-Hatch Challenge!

Zdenek almost there, while Martin & Doug wait their turn

Although it was a perfect summers evening with hatching BWO and a few spinners starting to fall the fish just didn’t want to play, so it was difficult to catch the few trout we did – tomorrow they head to the sea to catch a bass on fly…………

Vlada creeping up the Top Stinsford
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Thanks for a great day

Hi John,

It was great to meet you yesterday.

Dad and I had fantastic day on the River. After we saw you at the top end we went back to the lower water to catch a few more. The results for the day were: Dad had 3 good trout to about 1.5lb and got stripped and broke by a powerful fish. I ended up with 7 trout up to 1 1/4lb and a really good grayling,see the photo, the fish was a bit camera shy!

As we walked back to the car we saw a bloody huge fish hanging in some shallow water just below metal footbridge. It was huge and seemed too big for a brown trout. I tried to take a picture but it spooked up stream into a hole. It looked about 3ft long and dark. It seemed too dark for a sea trout unless it had been in the river a while.

I am keen to book another day or so, is it best to wait until the late summer or does the river fish OK mid summer?

Thanks for a great day, we should go out in the boat sea angling sometime or you should pop up to Somerset for some pike on the fly.

Kind regards

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Evening Rise

Spinners in the air
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Has someone just been here?

Today was my first fishing trip on the Frome since my return from a fishing holiday to Bosnia – which was unfortunately spoiled by heavy rain and swollen rivers.
From Bosnia & Herzegovina

It was a wonderful summers morning, with a little cloud cover to keep the temperature at a comfortable level. As soon as I arrived there were fish rising to small flies and fished on up with a GRHE size 16, the trout were very willing today and on one short stretch I caught about 11 fish, best around 14″.

I then dropped back downstream to see if I could catch a grayling, but I only caught more trout up to 10″ – it was now time to leave and this is when I noticed Richard making his way upstream covering the water where I just been – I did shout but he dropped out of view into the river – I hope you found some fish?

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Mayfly has been spectacular


Mayfly has been spectacular, with some really good fish about. For once I’ve had a bit of time to enjoy it and have had some really good sessions. Evenings now particularly good – I took the attached video clip last night of the spinners just as they were starting to fall on the water – I didn’t have time to record what happened after that! There was nobody else around on the lower water and it was the same on Friday evening – do they know what they are missing?! ( or if it’s better elsewhere it must be really good ).

Made only one visit to the Piddle during Mayfly so far on quite a cold evening so not great but did pick up several in that nice piece through the trees at the top. Pic attached of one of the better ones, really pretty fish. I haven’t managed to find any of the legendary big ones down there yet – has anyone else?

Richard M.

River Piddle Brown Trout
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