In Stream works

We have now completed our in stream works for this season, the dead line for these works is the 1st November, so thanks to our lovely pre longed summer and obviously low flows, we have achieved a huge amount on the Frome this autumn.

Lots of woody debris added to our flow deflectors on the Stinsford carrier

The six flow deflectors in this carrier are already making a difference, shifting the gravel, and scouring out nice holes in the river bed, we saw a good Trout lying just off one yesterday, in very fast water!

The sun is setting a little earlier now….

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Bad Weather

It’s a good day to walk along the river and check out all the improvements John has completed in the past month and with the extra water in the river, you can see them all starting to take effect.

New island at Whitfield Hatches

Islands above the Withy Bed

Flow deflectors on the Top Stinsford
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Nearly finished

We took a few days out to do a small restoration project up on the river Nadder for the Environment Agency, and now we are all back in force to finish off our work on the Frome before our end of October deadline.
You can see here the addition of come Coir netting along the footpath revetment near Poundbury, this will help to trap silt over the coming winter which will in turn build up the riverbank, the netting also allows vegetation to grow up through it, and of course it is 100% natural.

Another part of our latest projects are the flow deflector’s on the Stinsford sidestream, the posts went in a while ago and have already changed the flow in this otherwise very straight channel, we have now added lots of willow to these deflectors, with great effect!

As you can see in this picture at last we have had a little rain, filling the river, making all our new structures start working for a living!

Our gravel washing team have been working overtime, in conjunction with our in channel modifications, and elsewhere on the Frome, we are hoping to have loosened and cleaned somewhere in the region of 4000 square metres of spawning gravel this autumn.

We will of course be calling on you all in the near future for a work party or two please watch this space.Posted by Picasa
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Bream etc

Monday we were on the DFC water doing a little more to our habitat improvement project, and purely by chance we came across a horse that had been injured by barbed wire, blood as far as the eye could see, amazingly Chris a mate of mine and a top paramedic was walking his dog and came to the rescue, slowing the flow of blood, we all spent the rest of the day sorting out vets, tracking down owners and Chris got home at 9.30pm after helping get the horse up to the vets in Sherborne, a team effort and a horse that is on the mend………….
Tuesday was an interesting day, we always get a huge buzz from looking at a new bit of fishing, and exploring at the avaliable options of hopefully making it slightly better.
This beat on the river Nadder just needs a slight tweek, the EA have done some great improvements over the last three years, but the fishing club need a little extra work done, and with thanks to the EA for asking us to help out with this we are able to further widen our river knowlege.

Our meeting went on into the afternoon which left only the time to go fishing after our return to Dorset, Elliot and I grabbed some cracking bait from Pauls shop on the way down, and had a great evenings fishing for species other than Cod, I now have the feeling that Ben A has caught them all…….

Again an amazing sunset.

The rest of the week we are on the Frome just up stream of Dorchester helping the DWT with improving Salmonid spawning gravel, using a digger, these gravels are so compact even a digger struggled to loosen the river bed, but in the end we were winning, lots of loose gravel a great result!

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Just a little update on our latest projects, we have had some rain over the last couple of days which was great for showing us the flow around our new islands, so we did build them in the right places.
The bank side revetment we have done up at Poundbury will hopefully collect lots of silt over this coming winter and in turn create a wider fishing path.

We have all the posts in place for the six flow deflectors on the Stinsford, these now need to be woven with some willow.

As the first of the autumn rains hit the Frome, it was reassuring to see the wildlife taking full advantage of one of the new islands.

Elliot happy in his work weaving willow, and thinking about going fishing ….one day….

Only five days left of this current Trout season, the rain we had last night has coloured the river, but the forcast is kind for the early part of next week.

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Autumn projects

Well what a fantastic indian summer, but a little hot and bright for spectacular fishing, add to that crystal clear and low water and you narrow it down again to that good old percentage, ten percent of the anglers catching ninety percent of the fish.

John G and I spoke in detail about some more in stream projects, backed by a meeting with the managing comittee back in January, followed by a fair amount of work obtaining plans, consents and with a huge thank you to the EA, funding!

We are gradually running out of room to do any more in stream works, but this latest project takes in some of the Stinsford side stream and the construction of six flow deflectors, three willow mattress islands on the upper water, bank revetment under the poundbury railway bridge, various tree work, well more than enough to keep us busy untill November.

Constructing islands near Poundbury.

Our riverworks team hard at it.
A new island near Whitfield Hatches.

I will update the blog as progress is made, and if any of you fancy helping out please give me a ring.

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