Rivers on the Edge

Rivers on the Edge is a short film commissioned by WWF and produced by Charles Rangeley-Wilson (past member of the Club), well known presenter of TV series The Accidental Angler.

The film focuses on what Charles refers to as “the ultimate rivers” – English chalk streams.

These vital rivers – which are unique to southern Britain and northern France – are under threat from today’s increased demands for water and the growing impacts of climate change.

The film, and the WWF campaign of the same name, reminds everyone that simple steps to reduce our water use in the home can help save these unique rivers – along with the abundance of native wildlife they support.

As Charles says, these rivers are ours to look after – they’re our rainforest, our glaciers.

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Clean gravel

Now that we have had a little rain, the difference our various flow deflectors have made on the Stinsford is quiet amazing, scouring out lots of nice clean gravel to help with spawning, and at the same time creating a nice deep pool to hold a fish or two next season.

We have also seen a handfull of Trout exploring these new features, and we are looking forward to doing our Salmon redd count this winter, which reminds me the EA have now removed a structure that was preventing the Salmon running up the Cerne, so we will be keeping an eye out up there too.

I spent a morning up on the Wrackle with the DWT looking at the possibility of some habitat improvement work for next year, we have several spots in mind for various riffles and islands, I will keep you informed to any developments.

On our travels we came across some tracks from a very young Otter, all good stuff!

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