Day Tickets

Day Tickets are now available and for those lucky people who have booked dates for £35 per rod per day.
Please make your cheques payable to “Dorchester Fishing Club”, with a stamped address envelope to:
Ray Aplin
1 Athelstan Road
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River Fly monitoring

River Fly monitoring

Lots of you have expressed an interest in being involved in our local river fly monitoring group, covering both the Frome and the Piddle.

We are moving forward with our first get together which is going to take place at-

Richard Slococks “Wessex Fly Fishing” at Southover, Tolpuddle.

Sunday 21st March at 10.00am

Please bring a pair of boots or waders, and a notebook, why not bring the family it will be a fun couple of hours.

John Aplin 01305 257490 Richard Slocock 01305 848460
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Working Party Dates

We had a river walk, on both the Frome and the Piddle last Saturday, casting our eyes over a few trees that need clearing and as a result of this there are a couple of dates for your diarys.

Taking a look at the Piddle.

9.00am Friday 12th March River Piddle, tree work.

9.00am Friday 19th March River Cerne, tree work.

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Sweetcorn Fly


I had a couple of grayling trips on Sunday 10 and Monday 11 Jan (yes it was cold).

On Sunday I didn’t have much time and was struggling to find any fish, when a good-sized grayling hit the nymph hard, raced across the stream and jumped out of the water, so I could estimate it at around 14 inches. Shortly after that, it slipped the hook, so I couldn’t get a photo or indeed notch my first catch of the New Year. Instead, the only welcome ‘bar of silver’ on the riverbank that day was my thermos flask, so here is a photo of that.

On Monday I tried another spot, where there are always fish, but could not get a take despite running a variety of nymphs through the pool. This called for desperate measures, it was time to try out the “sweetcorn fly”. On its first drift, to my immense surprise, a large fish hit it hard, but with the fly being so bushy, it failed to hook up! After that, I couldn’t get anything to look at it, but did make contact with 3 smaller fish on more conventional nymphs (again, all slipped the hook, so I am blank so far in 2010). Thus no fishy photos, but one of the fly, and I’m sure the sweetcorn fly mark 2 (once my brother has tied it) will prove a winner next time out.

More to follow, unless the season runs out before I can get back down to the river.

All the best, Doug

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Membership 2010

Membership is now closed for the 2010 season, welcome to all the new Members and we will be arranging a New Member’s Day in March…

Day Tickets are selling well and there are only 17 left, so if your intend to have a day on the Frome, I suggest you book a day ——- NOW!

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16in Beauty


Following Doug’s post on the Club’s blog, the member to which he referred I guess was me. Derek and I had a very enjoyable, if cold, morning looking for an elusive winter grayling on the lower water on the 28th. The best of two fish caught was a 16in beauty which the attached photo hardly does justice.

Happy New Year,

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