Early Iris

Today I fished with my good friend Glyn, it was his annual trip down to fish during the grannom season.

We started on the River Piddle and the cold wind kept the fish down, but a well placed elk hair caddis brought up a few fish, Glyn managed to winkle a good 14″ fish from amongst the trees.

The increasing wind was making casting difficult and landing the fly in the river impossible, so we decided to head to Whitfield Hatches to find some shelter.

It was certainly a lot warmer here, but with no fly hatching we fished with small nymphs and this brought us instant results with a few good grayling & trout. All was well until 14:00 when everything went dead on the main river. I crossed over to fish the Wrackle and managed a few on a  grhe, by now the wind was howling and the threat of rain was imminent, so time to head home and regroup!

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New fangled CDC flies

I had my third outing yesterday. On my first two visits I saw no rising fish but I did catch a reasonable trout on the Piddle using the fly of last resort; the pheasant tail gold head nymph. Yesterday was better. The weather conditions were ideal and a few grannom were about. If the fish were a bit reluctant to show the same cannot be said of DFC members. I met six others as a I wandered between lower Bockhampton to the top of the middle stretch above Grey’s Bridge and then back down again. I must have spent half of my time chatting to them on the state of the fishing, the merits of various rods and reels and the meaning of life.

A few fish were rising on the lower stretch, mainly small trout and grayling. I saw nothing above Grey’s Bridge and the same for the Stinsford side stream. I noticed that the brick bank wall has partly collapsed at ten hatches and the girders that used to support the hatches for the main river have quite an incline. This will present an even greater challenge to the more athletic members who cross the river by doing a high wire walk across the top of the girders.

The fish in the net was caught in the late afternoon in one of the new pools that John Aplin created on the lower Bockhampton stretch. The sky had cleared and the heat of the sun brought out a few more grannom and one or two trout began to rise. As usual I was fishing a size 16 Greenwell. One day I must try one of these new fangled CDC flies. It was very satisfying to catch a half decent fish on the dry fly without having to resort to the chuck it and hope gold head nymph. Perhaps the fish have at last realised that spring has arrived.


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Large hatch of grannom

After the Riverfly meeting at the Dorset Wildlife Trust HQ on Sunday, I decided to have my first outing on the Frome this season. I arrived at Gascoyne Bridge just after noon and there was a large hatch of grannom in progress and even a number of rising fish. I managed to land a few small grayling and a few trout up to 10″; all coming to a dry CDC sedge (see photo).

By mid afternoon, however, the hatch had tailed off and I had to switch to gold head nymphs. Apart from losing a nice 1 1/2 lb grayling at the net, no more fish could be tempted. Still, a very enjoyable afternoon and I am looking forward to the year ahead.


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Fine Fettle

David and I fished the lower water this morning. It was a glorious sunny day with a slightly chilly North wind. There were plenty of Grannom coming off, but as I always find with Grannom not many fish rising. We fished all morning and I had two small Trout on a CDC Emerger and David had a Trout and a reasonable Grayling on a nymph.

In the afternoon we went over to the Piddle which looked in fine fettle, but no Grannom and no Trout showing. David had one Trout on a nymph.

All in all a quiet day but it was great to be back the river looks in fantastic condition, the Swallows have arrived and there is a duck on the lower water with 12 chicks and we have the whole season ahead of us.


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It looks like spring, but

It looks like spring,  but the cold wind makes it feel more like winter. Fished the main river today, which is running clear and in a few well sheltered spots spring was trying to emerge along with a few hatching grannom, but the trout didn’t have chance to rise to them because they were quickly whisked away by the wind.

I fished a size 16 weighted nymph and caught plenty of fish, including a good grayling of 2lb. Finally in one small run a few fish were rising to a now steady trickle of hatching fly, on went a grhe and caught two small brown trout before it was time to head home and warm up!!

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Warmer Weather & Great News

Excellent night at the Frome, Piddle & West Dorset Fisheries Association’s AGM on Friday, with some tremendous news that the Association has now joined forces with the Westcountry’s Rivers Trust. This objective is enhanced and amplified by the aims of the Westcountry Rivers Trust, with whom we have been working closely for a number of years on joint projects such as the Louds Mill fish pass at Dorchester. The F & P will not be losing its name or identity by working under the umbrella of the WRT.  For more details please visit www.riverfrome.com and if you are not a member, please join NOW

The weather has warmed up and this has brought the grannom on, although the river is still high it is fishable 🙂

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Easter Sunday

It’s Easter Sunday, its cold and the river is bank high & coloured – no fishing for a while 🙁


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River Frome Webcam is now Live

The River Frome webcam at Holmebridge is now Live http://www.farsondigital.co.uk/frome/live.php

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25th April 1st

On my 25th April 1st fishing the Club’s waters, I woke to a frost, bright sunshine and a chilled wind. Probably the worst fishing conditions for trout fishing you could imagine!
But I battled the elements saw a few hatching olives, caught 2 trout, 2 grayling and heard reports of swallows flying on the Lower Water – so a good days fishing.
these daffodils sum up today: cold and wind swept!
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Fishing for Forces

Fellow club members may have seen an article in Trout and Salmon Magazine entitled ” Fishing for Forces”. The aim of the article is to provide fishing for those returning from Operational Duty.

After reading the article I decided that I would donate one of my member`s day tickets to the project and I wondered if any other members would like to do the same.

Fishing would be on a one to one basis possibly with novice fishers using members own equipment or participants bringing their own.

I have been in contact with Christopher Robinson at Roxtons who is liaising with the Services Personnel Branches and members can contact him directly on 01488689701, e-mail fishingforforces@roxtons.com or Fishing for Forces c/o Roxtons 25 High St Hungerford Berkshire RG17 0NF.

If, however, members would rather contact me, I will compile a list of offers and forward them.
I can be contacted on 01305832668 , mobile 07771801194 or e-mail r.ayles@btopenworld.com.

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