Piddle looked stunning


As my management is away doing her Granny duties I have been living up the river for the last couple of days. I even thought about moving into that nice tent that I spotted along the bank. Tuesday was the lower stretch followed by a session further up. The Mayfly did not really start to appear until around midday. The hatch was rather sparse but enough to bring on a reasonable rise and I was pleased to catch a modest wild fish as well as a couple of stockies. The afternoon session above  was not very productive. Another stretch looked a bit sad because of a lack of water.

Yesterday I started off at the Piddle. There were very few Mayfly about but at around midday a few fish started to show although the hatch never really got going before I left at 1400. Nevertheless there were enough rising fish to make life interesting and I was rewarded with one of these beautiful wild Piddle fish of about ¾ lbs. The Piddle looked stunning and I just had to take a picture. There is no doubt that Piddle water is gin clear and much superior to Frome water. Notwithstanding the purity of the water I decided to go back to the Frome and continue my exploration of the side streams. This was a good decision. When I started the afternoon session a few Mayfly were fluttering above the water and as the afternoon progressed they started to hatch in ones and twos.  By the time I packed up at 1730 5 fish all above 1 ½ lbs had been landed including one of 18 inches which could hardly fit into my scoop net. I was fishing with a Grey Wulff.


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Mayfly 6-8pm

Back from Cornwall today, went straight to the Lower Water, got my eye in with a few stockies and then had this beauty – nudging 17 inches. They were well on to the Mayfly 6-8pm, albeit sporadic.


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No mayfly seen


I fished the upper water and the Wrackle this morning. A few fish were rising in places and it was not long before the first stock fish came to the net. Six fish were caught on the main river, three of which were stock fish. The native trout were all of a modest size between 9 and 11 inches in length. I did manage to catch the only trout that I saw rising in the Wrackle. By the time I finished at midday I saw only one Mayfly. I met no other members. All of the trout were caught on a green and black nymph.



I was fishing below you and had a great mornings fishing. There was a steady hatch of pale wateries and the trout & grayling were feeding well – no mayfly seen.

River very low and hardly any weed growth, which is amazing after the huge growth of weed we had last season!

Cheers John

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Bright sunshine


I had an early session on the Bockhampton water this morning. After an hour with the dry fly and not a hint of a fish I resorted to casting a nymph into likely looking places. My second cast brought up a stock fish and before 10.00 I had landed 4 and lost as many again. The appearance of bright sunshine brought the fun to an end. At around 1100 the odd fish was beginning to rise so I switched back to the dry fly. I had a offer on a Grey Wulff but nothing else before I left at 1200. I did not see any Mayfly but it cannot be long before the warmer weather brings them up.


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Mayfly Time………

Mayfly time…. Well almost!

Fished yesterday in the cold wind, not a lot moving and very little fly life in evidence and I bumped into the Chairman who was also struggling to find rising fish.

I switched over to the Wrackle and found a few willing fish to rise to my hawthorn fly imitation and I also saw several yellow mayfly hatching. These always tend to be the first mayfly to appear and I know others have seen quite a few ephemera danica hatching,  so I would advise you to start to carry a good selection of mayfly patterns…

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Couple of mayfly

Managed to have an afternoon on the Piddle today. Although there was a chilly north easterly wind a few flies were hatching and one or two fish rising; I even saw a couple of mayfly. By the evening I ended up with sixteen fish including this one of 14″. All the fish except two of them came to the dry fly (mainly a size 16 Adams).

Hope to fish the Frome next week and with any luck there will be a few mayfly showing.


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Today was the day that the river was stocked and thanks goes to all the helpers (even those who only had time to snap a photo!) and thanks to Hook Springs for another batch of great fish..

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Riverfly group

Great news, we now have a date for our official “Riverfly” training day, the 3rd July 2010, 9.00am for a prompt 9.30am start, the venue for the indoor training is the DWT HQ, Forston, Dorchester DT2 7AA and the river part of the day will be on the Frome a couple of miles away.

Full agenda to follow.

Important there are only 12 places on this course please let John Aplin know ASAP

There is no charge as the course is kindly being funded by the Dorset Wildlife Trust, The Environment Agency and The Frome Piddle and West Dorset Fisheries Association.

Agenda etc. will be published on the Frome Piddle & West Dorset Fisheries website

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Conditions were ideal

Today the fishing was much more encouraging with quite a few rising fish especially above Loud’s Mill and up to Lubeck Way. There were Grannom on the water and a prolific hatch of a black fly which had the swallows swooping to the river surface to pick them off. The fly hatch was at its best between about 1230 and 1430 and some decent trout were beginning to show. I fished with a Grannom and this usually got some response.

Perhaps I would have done better with a Greenwell but I thought that it would be a good idea to try something else. I landed five small fish and had lots of tugs on the fly. I did get into a couple of good fish for a few seconds but as the best fish often do, they got off the hook. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable day with enough rising fish around to keep life interesting. There weather conditions were ideal with little wind and an overcast sky.


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DRY Grannom

Well done Jim..

Nice to know there are still some Dry fly men in the club who are prepared to wait for a fish. Just such a fish took my DRY Grannom last Friday from a small sidestream without having to resort to a Gold headed lure! Whoever saw a natural nymph with a gold ball stuck on its nose?


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