Month: June 2010

Golden Bars

Simple fantastic! Numerous little golden bars of butter caught, and some huge grayling. Fantastic! Can I go on the waiting list please?!!! Wonderful day, thank you. All fish returned. H


Well it was advertised to be shown this evening, but I guess that’s show business!! The River Frome is the star of tomorrow nights show 20:00 BBC2 – make sure you watch because Simon King was guided by our very own Riverkeeper John Aplin…!  BBC Springwatch website

River looked great

Escaped for a couple of hours this evening and fished my usual stretch, covered very little water owing to a good number of fish of all sizes rising freely to Mayfly with a few aerial displays thrown in from the smaller fish. Mayfly imitation worked well and landed two fish pretty smartly. Had great satisfaction …

Fish everywhere

Great memories made yesterday afternoon , rod sharing with my 16 year old son – teaching him ,( or was it the other way round ), the arts of Mayfly fishing on the upper water. He escaping from GCSE revision and me from the office . A steady hatch , an upstream wind (mostly) and …