Wind blown terrestrials

Just back from a very enjoyable evenings fishing and although the river is extremely low the trout & grayling are still feeding well.

It was a very overcast evening with the threat of rain all night, but fortunately for me, but unfortunately for the river it never quite started.

With the summer growth of the bankside vegetation it is now impossible to fish from the bank, so I slipped into edge of the river in my old trusty thigh waders, that must be 20 years old now! I moved very slowly upstream and fish were rising as far as I could see. There was no hatching fly, so I presumed they were rising to wind blown terrestrials.  Fishing with a small GRHE (what else!) I cast to the rising fish, they took it with gusto! The fish were mostly small brown trout of about 8 inches long, but I did catch a rather nice grayling of about a 1lb.  One or two larger fish came for the fly, but they were a lot wiser and steered away from the fly at the last split second.

For two hours I had some really excellent fishing and headed home deciding to leave the evening rise to the bats!

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Blowing a gale

I had the chance of a few days fishing recently but the weather was not exactly ideal.

On Thursday it was blowing a gale and threatening rain, but I ventured out on to the lower water anyway. I never saw a rise, but thought I would tempt something in a likely spot with a nymph, but it was not to be. The water was plenty clear enough and low, and just as I was about to pack up I saw a trout lying in a gap in the weed. This looked like my only chance for the day, and on the third attempt the pheasant tail nymph fell in more or less the right spot, the fish turned, I lifted, and he was on. A hard-earned fish of about 12″.

On Friday I gave it a miss, I had been watching on TV the golfers getting blown all over the course at St. Andrew’s, and had seen enough wind for one day. Saturday was not as bad, and I was sure that a long stretch that I knew would be more or less sheltered from the wind, and the deeper water there might hold some fish. In fact there was a sparse hatch of mayfly (on 17 July!) and the odd fish was hitting them. I had to tie one on, and almost as soon as it hit the water a trout thrashed at it, but didn’t hook up. Fish were soon rising steadily, and despite many takes to the dry fly, I couldn’t hook one. In the end, I had 2 good-sized fish from about 10 takes, a poor return but nice to be fishing the dry fly again. Will have to increase the day ticket prices right through to July if the mayfly are going to keep on coming!

All the best (sorry no photos),


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Breezy and sunny

The river is still low and clear, even after all the rain last week – we need some more rain!

Decided to try my luck on this bright and breezy summers afternoon. There was no fly about, which wasn’t surprising, but plenty of fish came for my GRHE cast into the shaded riffles. They were mostly small grayling and my strike had to be lighting quick, which it wasn’t 90% of the time!

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July 2010 Newsletter

The July 2010 Newsletter is now available,  all Members & those on the waiting list willll receive an email. If you don’t receive one and you are a Member or on the waiting list, please email so we can update our records…

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Sedge Warbler

Three on a sultry morning

I had just two hours to spare this morning, and decided to grab a short session on the river. Light drizzle was falling as I arrived, but it was still sultry and the river was low and clear. For the first hour or more, I could only find two fish rising and had them both without any fuss. They were quite decent trout, but each saved me the bother of unhooking by shaking off the fly themselves just before reaching the waiting net.

The next one was less obliging. I found it quietly taking something just under the surface in a more difficult spot to reach. I could see it quite well in the clear water as it came up now and then with the most gentle of rises, often little more than a dimple revealing its position close under some swaying reeds. Stubbornly, it would have nothing to do with anything I offered, but carried on taking as before.

Without much hope, I took a new fly from the box and clipped it down to a nymph-like shape and gave it a good soaking before sending it on its way. It went under on landing, and the trout had it at once, giving me a pretty good tussle, thrashing all over the place in anger before eventually sliding safely into the waiting net – another modest but beautiful, fit and feisty fish. I slipped it back in, and spent the last quarter of an hour watching a pair of Sedge Warblers carrying food to their young, hidden somewhere in the nearby vegetation. What a lovely river.

Best wishes

Will Bown

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Plenty of challenge

Hi John,

I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how I got on last Saturday on the Frome.

I didn’t get out until 3pm and started on the lower water. I found a few rising fish and took 2 browns on small dries. I also caught 3 decent grayling on nymphs from a deep whole.

I walked the whole of the lower water and very few fish were moving so at around 7pm I went up to the upper water around Whitfield Hatches. As it got darker loads of fish started to rise but it was difficult to see what they were feeding on. I took 5 more small trout on a small balloon caddis. There were still a surprising amount of may fly about.

All in all a good afternoon with plenty of challenge!

Kind regards
James Lockyer

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Nice blokes

I met John and Elliott at around lunch time (nice blokes) they guided me to the lower water beat. John thought I’d be in for a good day. Sadly, this trip brought me my first blank in years. I thought I knew what I was doing until I came to Dorchester!

I had four last split-second refusals to a dry fly. I think it may have been the fish had spotted the leader. I had left my ‘mud’ in another fishing vest. An application of that may have made the difference perhaps?

Nice stretch of water though. If I get a chance to come along again next year I’ll hopefully have more success.

Thanks again

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The Wild Salmon Research Appeal

The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust has just launched it’s Wild Salmon Research Appeal. For more details and how you can donate on-line, please visit their website

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