The melt had begun

Good to see you at Christmas, as you saw for yourself, I did manage to get out after grayling, see report below:

Unlike Dorset’s roads, the river was clear and looking ideal on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, but turkey had to take priority over grayling.  By 27th, the melt had begun, leaving a short window before the river would be too coloured to fish. With snow still on the ground it was cold, but not enough to freeze the line this time out.

I did spot two good fish early on, but they were easily spooked in the clear water.  A quick break for coffee and mince pies, followed by a change of nymph, and the grayling began to take in the now slightly coloured water.  They were hard-fighting fish, ignoring my beautifully crafted Czech nymphs in favour of a simple gold head with hot orange thorax.

It looks like they will be my last grayling of the year, as the next trip will have to wait till the water drops.

My first report of 2011 will follow as soon as I can.

Cheers, Doug

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Merry Christmas Everyone

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River Frome Ecosystem Survey

The River Frome Ecosystem on-line survey, is part of a project designed to enable local people to get more involved in decisions about their environment.

The surveys are specifically for people living and/or working in the river Frome catchment area in Dorset.

Please see below for some commonly asked questions.

Where is the River Frome catchment?
About the survey
How long will the survey and mapping exercise take to complete?
How will the data be used?

About the Survey
The survey has two parts:
1. A quick question and answer form covering:

2. A chance to map your favourite natural areas using our interactive Google map.

How long will the survey and mapping exercise take to complete?
We estimate that the entire process should not take any longer than 30 minutes.

Please make sure you have sufficient time to complete the survey and mapping exercise in one session.

How will the data be used?
The survey data will be used to determine which aspects of the environment and the benefits that people get from it are most important to different groups of people (e.g. residents and tourists).

We will then be able to produce maps that show ‘hotspots’ for different ecosystem services and their value within the Frome catchment. These can be used by many different decision makers when determining the future of this busy, beautiful and biodiverse catchment.

Click here to begin the survey

If you have any questions, please contact

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Suspiciously fat stomachs

The AGM for me is not just the Annual General Meeting, but time for Another Grayling Mission (weather permitting). By AGM day the snow had gone, the water had cleared and the sun was shining, but it was still extremely cold.

Things were very lean to start with, the only signs of life being snipe and cormorants, the latter having suspiciously fat stomachs for the time of year.

Fishing continued to be slow, with just the odd ‘take’ from weed or bottom to keep the interest going. Finally a quick lift as the nymph stopped and this time it was a fish, fighting hard in the current. Back it went, soon followed by several others, with the two best fish close to 2lbs. I might have had more, but it is hard to fish with the line frozen in the rings and both hands in your pockets to protect them from the biting north wind.

Now it’s your turn to get back out in the cold!

All the best,

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Last night was the Club’s AGM and it was the night that the Peter Leatherdale retired from the post of Chairman that he has held since 1986. The incoming Chairman Bryan Sennett presented Peter with a travel rod, for his invaluable contribution to the Club over the past years.

Over Highlights:

  • Purchase of the Wolfeton Fishery
  • Non-Members Day Ticket price increase to £50.00 (these will be available from early January 2011)
  • Club is to join the Riverfly Partnership in recognition of it’s invaluable work (

The AGM was followed by a presentation on the achievements over the past year by the Frome, Piddle & West Dorset Fisheries Association (  many thanks to Charles Dutton, John Aplin & Clive Thorp.

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Snow Fishing

After being stuck in the house for two days because of the snow blocking our road from the outside world, I finally was able to escape to the river for a fish.

My temperature gauge measured a chilling -4c as I parked and tackled up.  I tied on two small glass bead PTN’s and fished up 100 yards of river. Even with the low temperature, fish where still very hungry and I was soon catching grayling with enough regularity for me to forget my freezing hands.. It wasn’t until I lost one of my flies to a snag, that I realised my hands were just too cold to tie on a replacement!!

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