I waited till the weather warmed up a bit and went out fishing on Monday for my first trip of 2011. I had decided it was time to catch my first Frome pike (I must admit I have seen very few there, never mind caught one). I cast to the likely spots with my usual pike flies, from small budgerigar-sized down to some more subtle ones, but could not provoke any response. Will rethink tactics and try again soon.

I didn’t want to end the day with a blank, so switched to grayling. They seemed to be more cautious than usual (water was quite clear) and declined both orange and pink nymphs, but were taken in by more subtle Czech nymphs, and fought strongly.

Despite their lack of interest in bright colours, I couldn’t resist trying the yellow ‘sweet corn’ fly again, and as it rose up at the end of its third drift I watched a big grayling come up after it, hit it hard and turn away. Despite the solid pull, the fish was gone, and just like the last time out, the sweet corn fly proved to be a ‘one hit wonder’, and I could not get another fish to look at it.

Still, a very enjoyable day, temperature somewhere around 7C, so coffee and a Chelsea bun on the riverbank were more a luxury than a necessity, but very tasty all the same.


PS the Czech nymph pictured needs the barb pinching down!

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Working Party

Just back from the first working party for 2011 where we worked on our wonderful Wolfeton Fishery. It was tree trimming day, to open up the river and allow more light in, hopefully increasing the weed growth. We also left a few over hanging branches to give the trout some extra cover. We also reinstated the electric fence that runs along the top half of the fishery.

Electric fence repair

Huge thanks to everyone that turned out and look forward to seeing everyone again at the next working party on Saturday 12th February 2011 10.00am – Withy Beds.

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Day Tickets

Day tickets are now available for the 2011 Season: Please Click Here for availability

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20″ – Fantastic

An opportunity presented itsself to me which meant I could snatch a quick trip down south to try for a grayling or two.

John Grindle kindly put me up for the night and I made start at around 10am.  River looked fine and with a good flow but did not manage any fish until further up when a number of fish took a fancy to my small lightly weighted bug. Fish as might be expected were very localised but obliging when found.

After a snatched lunch I tried another stretch although by now a nasty rain had developed with low cloud.  Tried several spots unsuccessfully but luck was on my side when I contacted a really beautiful specimen  – what a fight on a #4. Took best part of five minutes to subdue this fish which measured out at 20″ – fantastic end to my first day fishing in 2011. Quite a number of redds in evidence throughout the lower water which bodes well.

Glyn Williams

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Greetings from Czech Republic


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