Cormorants – biodiversity in danger

We all know there is a cormorant problem here in the UK and the River Avon is badly affected by these birds, so much so they have started a petition to call upon the Minister for Natural Environment and Fisheries to help preserve the biodiversity of this and other rivers.

The Cormorant problem is NOT Avon specific, but affects rivers, lakes, canals and reservoirs all over the country.  So please sign the petition to get things changed. Please Click Here to view the Petition>>>>>>>>>>>>

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There has been increased reports of illegal fishing in our area, please follow these simple instructions:

If you see any fishing, netting or trapping you think is illegal, please don’t tackle it yourself.

Contact the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60 and tell them

1. Exactly where the alleged offence is
2. What’s happening
3. How may people are involved and a description of them
4. The registration numbers of any vehicles

Please leave a contact number so we can call you back.

For more details Click here >>>

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