Ideal fishing

This morning’s rain, the overcast sky and light winds promised ideal fishing conditions and I was not disappointed.

I started after lunch and soon hooked the first trout on a weighted nymph. Although very few fish were rising the conditions were ideal for nymph fishing and in the course of the afternoon I netted eight trout, three of which were over 1lb. The largest was a fine fish of 1 3/4 lbs. I turned numerous others who slipped the hook after a brief tug or sometimes a bit of a tussle before they went on their way.

Fishing is a funny business. A week ago I fished with the same nymph and hooked two grayling. One was a real beauty but it slipped off as I struggled to bring it in near enough to reach with my net across the bank side vegetation. Today, I really expected to catch some grayling but instead I had a wonderful afternoon of trout fishing.

One thing that did concern me was the sight of a cormorant working the river. I also saw another or perhaps the same cormorant last week at almost the same place. One of the trout that I caught was a wonderfully spotted cock fish of about 1 1/2 lbs that had a old wound on it’s side that had all the hallmarks of a cormorant bite.

I hope that Nick A reads this because the nymph that I was using was the same pattern as the one he kindly gave me when I met him on the river a few weeks ago. Nick you were absolutely right. It is a great nymph for the Frome.


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Amazing sunset this evening and plenty of fish rising, it was a special night on the river….

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Guest Ticket Report

Started at 11.45am and caught from the off, albeit that I rose and lost many more than came to hand.By 3pm best fish was a brown over 12″ at which time I changed the #18 deer hair sedge to a #16 and this had a marked improvement on fish to hand.

Late afternoon I changed again increasing to a #14 and was then broken by 2 larger fish.

Thanks to Glyn Williams for the guest ticket and the opportunity to fish your superb water which is full of beautifully marked fish.


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August Dog Days

After yesterdays very welcome rain I thought it would be a great time to fish while the water has a nice tea tinge to it and thankfully not as hot as the last few days, along with plenty of cloud cover.

The River looked refreshed and certainly a lot more water than the last time I fished.

I parked under an apple tree and fished my way upstream, as usual I started early around 11am and it took until 12:30 before the fish started to rise to very small pale wateries and even smaller terrestrials.

My size 18 grhe looked huge against the natural flies, so on went a size 20 cdc pattern and a 7 inch fish took this first cast. The cdc fly was sodden, so I changed to a size 20 parachute pattern and this worked really well with some good trout coming to the net.

For those who enjoy using small flies should follow the Blog of Andy Baird who takes this facet of fly fishing  to the extreme and his fly patterns on a size 32 (yes 32) are amazing – Small Fly Funk – fly fishing in microcosm

size 20 cdc

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Newsletter 2011

Here is a link to the July Newsletter 2011. All Members and those on the Waiting List have been sent an email with this link. If you have not had the email and you are a Member or on the Waiting List, please email me your current email address so I can update your records.

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Eureka moment

A collective of lapwings is known as a deceit, the same could be applied to the grayling.

For the last month i have been scratching my head as to why come dusk when the water has exploded into life that i have not caught many trout at all.  My eureka moment occurred last Sunday evening when I witnessed a lot of 1/2 pound grayling swim past me upriver, the shoal in question easily numbered 30 fish with some weightier specimens interspersed.

Recently a lot of the rises had been close together, and my fly plucked but not set, it all made sense.
The remedy was simple, armed with a pink shrimp pattern I was determined to wreck havoc amongst the shoals, within 10 minutes of starting to fish my first fish was on – what a clever fellow I am, needless to say the decent sized brownie was quickly slipped of the hook and returned – back to the drawing board !



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