Month: February 2012

Grayling Season’s Last Weekend

Good to see so many out enjoying the wonderful February weather and making the most of the last weekend’s grayling fishing. Trev found a very old brass Salter spring balance that weighs up to 8lbs at “Deadmans”, please contact John Aplin who is looking after it.

Members Picnic

The 2012 Membership is complete and welcome to all the new Members (the waiting list has also been refreshed) New Members day is to be held on Saturday 31st March meet at 10am outside the Poet Laureate Pub, Pummery Square, New Poundbury. After introductions, Members will be shown around the Club’s water. Please bring wellington …

Magical Light

Whilst standing on the bridge trying to decide which colour of polaroid lenses would be best for the light conditions I was entertained by a treecreeper working its way up the trunk of a nearby tree. I decided to pay a bit more attention than usual to the water immediately above the bridge and after …

Working Party

Sorry for late reminder,  but please try and pop along to tomorrows work party on our Wofleton Water – best to park in the Withy Bed gates. Friday 17th February – 9am – Wolften – tree clearing  

Riverfly Partnership

There is a new page being built to highlight the terrific work that a few dedicated Members are doing on behalf of the Club. To find out more please click here Riverfly Partnership

Winter Dry Fly

I hadn’t been out fishing for weeks, it was never quite right – too windy, too cold, too lazy!! Today I was going even if it was snowing!! I started fishing with two small nymphs and quickly lost them stuck on an underwater rock, this provided me with the pleasure of re-tackling with numb hands …