River Piddle at Southover Farm

Fished the River Piddle today because the main river was still up and coloured (should be OK tomorrow). Fished well in the morning with help of a small hatch of grannom, but the afternoon was hard going in the bright sunshine, which was very welcome after the last few days rain.

But during the day I was approached by a horse owner who said that one of the gates had been left open, lucky the horses didn’t escape and could Members be more careful. So if you do fish the River Piddle water please ensure you close all the gates and if chained please replace the chain after closing..

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Spring Clean

The Riverkeeper has been out and about this week putting the final touches and to try out his new mower!

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Mixed Fortunes

Another little spell on the river today, and plenty of Grannom again, but risers were distinctly difficult to find – or was that because I followed several other members upstream!

A little group of three would have nothing to do with me, despite offering them a varied menu, and eventually the antics of an agitated family of Mallards put them down. The next was a good fish. It was busy taking Grannom, and moving freely to get them, but surrounded by so many naturals, it stubbornly refused to look at my artificial wherever I dropped it.

Eventually I found a more obliging individual in a quiet corner beneath some willows. A little flick upstream and he was soon being welcomed into the waiting net. Not a huge fish but a well-marked and pretty one. Another hour only offered a couple more rising fish, both of which proved to be stubborn, and after quite a few half-hearted snatches, (and changes of fly), I left them to it and turned for home, telling myself how satisfied I was with my single pretty fish.


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Dandelions looked nice

The pleasant early sunshine tempted me to have a first early-season look at the River today.  There was enough Grannom to excite a few fish, and although risers were well spread out, they were quite co-operative.  I ended an hour or so with a tally of three reasonable trout.  Lovely to be back on the river again, and in the warm sun, even the Dandelions looked nice!


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First day on DFC water

Had a great first day for the trout fishing on the DFC waters.
Lots of rising fish to the Grannom with 9 to hand all on dries and several pricked.
I managed one large Salmon smolt and I think the faster riffles were full of them so good news for the future.
The fish in the picture was easily the best and measured around 16″. Hope this is a good omen for the future.

Regards………… Ian

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April 1st

The amazing weather continues and still no sign of any meaningful rain…. But perfect for the first trip of the season….

Arrived around 10am and there was fly already in the air and small trout rising in the margins. It wasn’t long before a 10″ brown sucked in the GRHE as it floated downstream. This continued until I was joined by the usual 1st April gang for a good natter.. But the rising fish was too much and good few trout came to the fly over the next couple of hours.. A great 1st April trip, now please start raining ASAP!!

Best of the day


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New Members Day

There was a great turn out for New Members Day and they say plenty of hatching grannom with lots of rising fish….!

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